5 Baby products that never grow old

There is something oddly satisfying about the baby products. It may be the cute design of chairs and toys or that waft of baby powder. Whatever it is, it sure is pleasing, both to the senses and soul. Given such love around the baby products, we curated a list of products you can use too. They don’t grow old with your baby.

Step Stools

Sturdy step stools, preferably wooden ones, can not only be used for your kid’s regular reachability needs and potty training but also when he grows out of it. They prove to be a great tool for reaching that high cabinet in the kitchen, as a writing table for shorter periods, kid’s shoe rack, as a plant stand, as a bedside table and so much more. So if you are in double minds about buying that elegant step stool, don’t think twice. Order it right away.

Brainsmith's Step Stool


It is very common for parents to be confused about investing in good quality, expensive blankets for kids but do not worry. Go ahead with that purchase, splurge a little for your baby’s comfort. A good quality, muslin or cotton blanket keeps the baby’s skin soft and when they grow out of it, it can be used later as foot blanket on movie nights at home, shawls in office for mothers and as a great throw blanket on that stylish couch. 

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes, free of parabens, fragrance, alcohol and chlorine are indeed the safest option for the babies, but it can also be used as a makeup remover for you. Since they are so soft on skin, they don’t leave smudge marks. They are typically free from soaps and other harsh ingredients, hence are also excellent for cleaning computer keyboards and accessories. Oh, also those deodorant stains. Wipes get rid of those as well.

Bambo Nature Wipes 

 Baby care Products

The soft shampoo, sunscreen, and those delicious smelling creams are yours if you like. Sunscreens for babies and infants usually contain no harsh additives, making them perfect for sensitive skin. The diaper cream makes for a great hand cream and the baby oil is just perfect for makeup removal. Use away those products while it lasts or you can alway buy them for yourself if it suits you well. 

Wooden High Chair

Now, we do not mean to plug our product here but Stokke’s Wooden High chairs(Tripp Trapp) can be used by a grown adult and it lasts a lifetime. These chairs can seat an adult of 110 kgs. It is equipped with Adjustable seat and footplate to ensure foot and back support for all ages. It truly is a chair for all ages. The scandinavian design and beech wood used just make it all the better. 

Stokke Tripp Trapp

We sincerely hope you enjoy these products even when your kids grow out of it. They are a great reminder of your baby’s childhood with extra brownie points of being useful to you. 

Happy Parenting! 

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