7 Habits to develop in your child from early-on

As a parent, all your efforts go into raising an independent, kind and a good child. And this motivation brings you to this article. To start with, it is never too early to develop a habit in your kid and never too late for you to follow them as well. Children have the immense capacity to absorb and learn, making it a very healthy process of teaching and helping them create healthy habits.

Here are 7 such habits that will take your kid a long way-

  • Personal Hygiene

  • As the term suggests, it becomes primary to teach your child about the most personal thing to them, their hygiene. Kids come into contact with thousands of germs and viruses that cannot be otherwise avoided, hence developing a habit to bathe, brush and clean up daily is advisable. Make it fun so they are engaged. Such habits can be developed as early as 6 months.


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  • Group Belongingness

  • Being a part of the group raises the child’s confidence, ability to coordinate and most importantly helps them learn about the society at a very basic level. Instilling a group culture is the easiest of all points mentioned here. As a parent you can organise playdates, engage them in meaningful activities and enable them to play early learning games so they learn and grow together.

  • Healthy Diet

  • It is of utmost importance to develop healthy eating habits, a routine and the taste for healthy food so it builds immunity in a child. Dietary habits develop with the first meal itself. As a parent, you can start with organic cereals, oats and millet based breakfast for proper digestion among other things. Avoid giving sugary treats, instead switch to dry fruits and nuts. Slurrp Farm happens to be one such place for all healthy diet needs for both mother and the baby. 

  • Reading Habit-

  • One of the best and most valuable gifts you can give your child is the habit of reading. It develops  early literacy skills and aids imagination. Read them bedtime stories and make sure they read story picture books as and when they are capable. You can also make a reading corner in their nursery to enable them even further. Books like Tinkle, Magic pot, Amar Chitra Kathas and Ted senses by Brainsmith are good choices to start with.

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  • General Awareness

  • Knowledge indeed is power. It will be wise to inculcate curiosity about general things in your kid. There is a lot happening in the world too and a child can start learning about these happenings. You can pull out simple child-friendly news articles and read it out to them or help them read. You can start with teaching them basics about countries, capitals and more along these lines through games and flashcards


  • Good Manners

  • Teach your child to have utmost gratitude. It not only keeps them disciplined but early habits like saying ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’ keeps the humility intact. The child’s temperament manifests between 18-24 months and it’s the parent's responsibility to shape them into a courteous, kind and pleasant human being of the future.  


  • Financial Responsibility-

  • Last and often ignored by parents is the habit of financial awareness in the kid. A child’s basic beliefs and attitudes about money are formed by age 7, hence parents should encourage allowance. Managing the allowance will teach them  to make choices, prioritise and save for things they really want. 


    These habits may at first seem hard to develop. The kids might reject it or simply get bored of it but this does not mean that you as a parent should give up. Lead by example, be consistent, start at a young age and most importantly be flexible. Be patient and see how it works wonders for you.


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