8 essentials when travelling with a Child

Becoming a new parent is joyous and a step forward into the newest phase of life, one that is unknown, thrilling but also low key terrifying. Kids bring so much to the family when they are born but also onsets a fear in parents that they might miss out on their individual lives, their passion and interests. Travelling happens to be one of the interests that gets left behind in the process. 

However, a change has come about in recent years where parents have started to explore the world with kids along their side. So if you are looking for tips on how to see more sunsets with a a baby carrier buckled to your chest, read about these 8 essentials to carry when travelling with your baby-

Comfortable Suitcases

This goes for both you and your kid. Carry a lightweight suitcase and pack light. Make sure to hand over your child, his own suitcase. It not only takes some weight off you but also instills a responsibility in them. You can always rely on BedBox JetKids by Stokke as it unfolds into a bed, making the transit smooth and leaving you fresh and rested for your destination.

JetKids by Stokke

Diapers and Wipes

Diapers are the holy grail of travelling with the child. You do not want an irritated and exhausted child who is away from home. Carry the best quality, soft and extra absorbent diapers with wetness indicators to make the experience pleasant for them. On the same note, pack as many baby wipes packets as you can. Trust us, you are going to need it every half hour either on hands or face or those precious onesies. 

Bambo Nature Wipes

Bottled Milk-

If you are going on a mini vacation, carry formula or breast milk in bottles. There are chances you might not get appropriate stations or time to breastfeed, hence carrying a bottle is hassle free for both mother and the baby. Even on a long vacation, you can carry the bottle and breast pump that you can use at your own convenience.


This is more for you than the baby. Having your time to read or just sit and have conversation with your partner is the essence of any vacation. In this case, let your child be busy with his favourite toy and take some time off for yourself.

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Kids have an unpredictable temperament when it comes to food. A well fed child is like a sleeping dragon that you do not want to poke. Keep your child hydrated and satiated with ready to eat snacks, juice boxes, and regular meals. If you were to explore more options,

Slurrp Farm is one such destination for all your healthy diet needs for new Moms and the kids. 

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Personal Toiletries-

When in an unfamiliar environment, stick to the basics. Carry the soap, cream, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, diaper cream and baby oil that works the best for him. Do not experiment with the local products or ones provided by the hotel. Make sure the kid is still surrounded by his own things that are as personal as these. It is not wise to play with the child’s immunity in a foreign environment. 


Clothes! One, two, three as many extra pairs as possible. Children can be handful when travelling so carrying those extra pair of onesies will not hurt. Let them play in that sand on a beachy afternoon and do not worry about them spoiling their clothes in process.


Last but definitely not the least, carry a baby's passport, his documents, custody and adoption papers(if it is the case) when flying internationally. It might seem silly, but the authorities take it very seriously for your own child’s good. Make a check list of the documents if necessary and tick them twice before taking off. 

In addition to the list above, we would suggest you carry First-aid kits, disposable bags, nightlight, baby monitor, pacifier, teether and foldable stroller or baby carrier. Wish you and your baby a safe and fun vacation.

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