8 things to do with kids in Lockdown

It's a global crisis outside and no less inside the house, with kids away from school and their peers. It is almost impossible to explain why they cannot even go to a neighbour’s house and even more difficult is to maintain their routine in this trying time. It is easier for me to write this article, sitting, working from home but I can only imagine how difficult it is for parents to stay at home and keep their kids entertained all day long.

Our first advice would be to bind kids in a routine. The routine not only keeps the body clock right but also instills some level of responsibility and discipline in them.


                           Ted's Senses Storybooks

Make it a point to read everyday. Lay on the couch and read those books you have been planning to for years. Get kids their separate books so they are occupied in something productive. Brainsmith’s Ted Senses is a great read for fun and education purposes for kids.


Exercise or Meditate

Take a few minutes every day to find your centre.  You should include your children and teach them why meditation is important, the value of inner peace. This is the best time for them to understand.  Since they are away from school and their friends, They need it more than you. It will not only help you take on the tasks you have to accomplish, but it will help ease your children’s stress as well

Paint and Splash

Painting aids your child to develop mobility skills. Their hand muscles are being used, which allows them a scope to develop both mentally and physically. Your child will take pride in their painting (even if it looks like scribble scrabble to you). To be Honest, Painting at any age is fun so join in and have some fun. 

Pretend Play

              Spic and Span set

Take an hour or two in the evening and make sure you enjoy pretend play sessions with you little ones. Be a part of their cleaning spree or be a guest at their Tea Party but make sure you do it. Kids at this age are vulnerable and always trying to fit in to build their confidence, which is why they need friends their age. In the absence of friends, you have to be that friend to them. 

Video Playdates

We understand how you want to limit screen time at this time. And we agree with how necessary it is but organising Video Playdates with their friends once a week will not only make them happy but also give you some time off for yourself. You can sit in peace, enjoy your coffee and that Netflix Series you have been putting off for a while. 

Encourage Documenting

This is an unprecedented time in our world history. Take some time to write down what’s going on in your home and how you’re dealing with it. Have your kids do this as well, or draw a picture if they are too young to write. You can also VLOG the experience. This will not only help to document their time in quarantine, but it will also allow them to process the feelings that come with living through a national emergency.

Develop a hobby

Speak to your kids, show him movies and videos and figure out their area of interest. Aid them with tools for gardening, VLOGing, Writing, Painting, Music instruments, etc and we promise you will find a hidden talent in your kid within these 21 days. You have the gift of time to explore this now, use it well.

Go Old-school

Lastly, go silly with the kids. Teach them games you use to play in your childhood. Play Hide-and-seek, Hopscotch, Ludo, Chess, and many more games you enjoyed as a kid.

Enjoy your Quarantine! Happy Parenting! 

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