8 Ways To Build Your Child's Concentration

Getting your child to sit in one place during study time or for an activity which doesn’t excite them seems like a mammoth task for most parents! But don’t you worry, we have a few great hacks which could help build your child’s focus and concentration! Keep reading to find out..

Make It Interesting!

Children love toys! So why not use toys for learning? Research suggests that children learn faster when explained with the help of toys or pretend play. Introduce your little one to early learning, educational toys. Not only will this hold their attention for longer and build their focus, but will also develop their interest in learning and exploring new things!

No Gadget Zone

This is very important! Make sure all the gadgets are out of sight- which also means you’re not allowed to use your phone when you enter the No Gadget Zone! Create a study-friendly, no distraction space for your child with lots of books, stationery and learning toys around!

Prepare A Time Table

Kids love plans! They like knowing what their day looks like. By preparing a timetable one day in advance, your child will eventually start looking forward to each task at hand- even if it’s homework, and are more likely to finish it well in time. This helps in building concentration.
Note- High concentration doesn’t need to last for hours, as long as they’re finishing their work in time.

Keep Everything Handy

Before starting any activity or study session, make sure all the resources required are accessible, to avoid breaking the flow. Keep those pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc handy so there’s no getting up or getting distracted. Make sure you also keep a bottle of water and some snacks nearby.

Break The Tasks

No one wants to sit in the same place for hours, doing something they don’t necessarily enjoy! Instead of asking your child to sit and finish everything in one go, break the big tasks into smaller tasks, to keep your child interested in what they’re doing, and not because they want to tick it off the list. Smaller tasks are easier to achieve and don’t feel as tedious- which in turn will increase their concentration and motivate them to finish their daily tasks.

Eat Those Leafy Greens

We all know the benefits of having leafy green vegetables. A healthy diet has a direct impact on your child’s concentration level. Excess sugar intake and junk food make your child sluggish and lethargic, which hampers their ability to focus. Meals rich in proteins, potassium and antioxidants like almonds, eggs, spinach, etc help in developing your child’s cognitive skills.

Power Naps Do Work!

Children tend to have a much higher attention capacity after a good night’s rest. A power nap in the afternoon also works wonders to boost their concentration.

Understand Your Child’s Learning Patterns

Every child is different. Sit with your child during study time and observe their learning patterns. Some might take more interest in visual content, some might prefer audio or textual content. Make note of their interests and try to incorporate them as much as possible to make the learning process more fun. This will definitely increase their concentration!

What worked best to boost your child’s focus and concentration level? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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