Back-To-School Lunch Box Tips For Moms

If there’s one thing most mommies dread, it’s having to think about what to make for your little one’s school lunch box everyday! 

We feel you, Mommies! This is not an easy task, so we’re here to take some of the difficulty away. 

Here are some things that could help prep and pack your little one’s lunchbox: 

  1. You don’t always have to stress about getting creative just to get them to eat. Little Kiddos already have a lot going on in school..And after a long day of learning, playing and some more playing, they are bound to feel hungry! 
  1. Make a weekly chart- Plan your little one’s lunch box in advance so you don’t have to stress everyday. You can plan it with your child and you’ll be surprised how much they can help! This can be a fun bonding activity every Sunday for you and your little one. 
  1. It’s absolutely normal for their appetite to be different in school as compared to what it is at home. Different environments can make a difference in their eating habits. 
  1. Try to add as many different textures and colours as you can- different coloured fruits and veggies, nuts, flaxseeds (you can sneak these in sandwiches, cakes, pancakes or anything you make) etc. This not only helps in giving your child their daily dose of nutrients, but also prevents your child from being a fussy eater eventually 
  1. Avoid experimenting too much and too often with new foods and flavours. There’s a higher chance your child will be more open to exploring new foods at home, in your company, than in school. It’s also better to make sure in advance whether your child enjoys a certain type of food, at home, so they don’t skip a whole meal in school
  1. Check for any allergy guidelines at your center or school to help keep everyone healthy 
  1. Ask your children what they like and what they don’t. Involve them in the prep wherever possible to understand their likings better. You can also ask for specific feedback from the teacher or the person in charge to get a better idea on your child’s eating habits and preferences 
  1. Try giving easy to eat, dry snacks as much as possible. Finger foods like sliced fruits, carrots, cucumber, baked sweet potato, etc are great options since they are easy to grab and eat and don’t require too much effort. You can add a sour cream yogurt dip to make it more interesting and yummy for your little one 
  1. If your child doesn’t enjoy drinking water, you could consider adding a healthy beverage like butter milk or fresh juice. Another great way to increase their water intake is by adding fresh sliced fruits like apple, orange, pear, etc in water in small amounts. This infused water tastes great, and kids love finishing their water and getting to dig into their straw cups or bottles to eat the leftover yummy fruits for dessert! 

  2.  Introduce seasonal foods in your child's tiffin as much as you can, as fruits and vegetables specific to a season will be at the peak in terms of both- flavour and health benefits, so the taste is better, and consuming them will help your child obtain more nutrients.

    Hope these tips help! Let us know how you plan your little one’s lunch box everyday :)

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