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After a long stressful day of pooping, eating, exploring and playing…Who doesn’t need some relaxing bath time? 
Bath time for babies is extremely beneficial. Along with developmental support, it soothes and helps them sleep quicker and better. Not only this, it works as a great bonding exercise too!

         Here’s everything you need to know about Bath time with Babies: 


There are several benefits of giving your baby a bath
· Induces better sleep 
· Great for bonding
· Multi sensory exploration and development
· Helps in instilling hygiene and cleanliness habits
· Develops fine motor skills and builds hand strength
· Keeps your baby fresh and less fussy

What's The Right Age? 

It’s best to start slow! In the initial few weeks, giving a sponge bath 2-3 times a week is more than enough. Once the umbilical cord has healed completely, you can switch to tub. Maintain the same frequency to give your child some time to get used to it 

 Set a Routine

Setting a bath time routine helps your kid set their internal body clock. With a fixed bath regime, they settle faster and look forward to Tub Time. While there’s no rule book, giving your babies a bath before sleep time works great for a long, peaceful sleep

Prep in Advance
It’s always good to have everything organised and handy, since you can’t leave your baby unattended during bath time. A few must haves include: 
· Fill up a tub of lukewarm water (37°C - 38°C) and test the water with your elbow if you don’t have a bath thermometer 
·  A bowl of lukewarm water to wash their face
·  A sponge or flannel
·  A chemical free shampoo and cleansing gel
·  Bath toys 
·  A clean, dry towel and a napkin to cover your baby’s head. Hooded towels are a good  
· A baby lotion to make sure the hard water doesn't make their delicate skin dry 
· A fresh set of clothes and a diaper

Make It Fun

Bath time is extremely good to enhance your munchkin’s cognitive and fine motor skills. Add some fun toys to play with, make bubble beards, teach them new things since they have your full attention during this time, have pretend play scenarios with them- Make it interesting! To add to the fun, you can get in too! 

Bath-time Snacks

Most kids love water, but if you think your child doesn’t like water and is fussing too much, keep snacks that your little one can munch on, to keep him/her distracted. Avoid giving them a bath for at least an hour after meals

Switch the Products

If you think your child is not enjoying bath time, switch the products. Use chemical free bath products to make sure there’s no kind of irritation. Keep experimenting till you finally see your baby enjoying his/her tub time! 

After Bath Care

After pat drying with a soft towel, massage your little one with a gentle baby lotion or oil. This prevents their sensitive skin from drying due to the harsh water. Time to dress up! Make sure you use a diaper cream before putting on the diaper to prevent rashes. 

And your munchkin is now fresh as a flower, ready to snuggle! 

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