Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

The world may have come to a standstill, but every mom-to-be still deserves a baby shower they’ll always fondly remember. It may not be as easy, but it’s not impossible planning a virtual baby shower without all the bored faces and awkward silences. 

We’ve curated a list of fun virtual baby shower games you can host for the lovely Mom-to-be: 

  1. Guess The Gender:
    At the beginning of the baby shower, you can send a poll to everyone to guess the baby’s gender. The poll can be created on any poll maker website. While this is not a game per se, it helps you kickstart the event, and keeps everyone busy while you plan the flow of things! 
  1. How Well Do You Know Ms. Mom-To-Be:
    This is a fun game to get to know the Mom-to-be. A questionnaire can be sent to all present at the event. Basic questions can be asked about her childhood, favourite colour, favourite food, etc. Once you have all the entries, she can answer all the questions. The one with the highest number of correct answers- wins! 
  1. Guess Who?
    For this event, you can get childhood pictures of everyone who’s attending the baby shower, in advance and display them on the screen without the names. Everyone has to guess who’s who and whoever gets the highest number of right guesses- wins! 
  1. Virtual Baby Bingo:
    This one takes little to no amount in planning! All you have to do is find a fun baby bingo template on google or you could also make one on if you want it to be more personalised. You can send it before the event, if people would want to get it printed beforehand or they could play virtually as well. It’s great fun and keeps everyone entertained for a good amount of time ;) 
  1. Unscramble:
    This one is super fun! You can prepare a list of scrambled baby words and display all of them on the screen. The guests have 1 minute to unscramble all the words on a piece of paper. At the end of 1 minute, everyone has to show their entries on the camera, and the one with the highest right words- wins! 
  1. Don’t say ‘Baby’:
    Yes, you read that right. This is the easiest one to play, but the most difficult one to win! You can announce this at any time during the event, post which no one is allowed to say the word ‘Baby’. Whoever says ‘baby’ gets disqualified. You can maintain this on a sheet and the one who gets through the event without saying..shhh..we’re already practicing- wins! 
  1. Baby Pictionary:
    For this one, all you need to do is pick a few baby-related words and convert them into emojis. For example: 🎶 + 😴 =  Lullaby. You can display all the emoji words one by one on the screen, and whoever guesses them first and gets maximum right- wins! 
  1. Funny Parenting Hacks:
    This is more of an engagement activity, where guests, who are parents can give some funny tips on parenting or share their funny experiences of being a parent. It’s a great way to keep things interactive, and might just help the Mom-to-be as well! 
  1. Message/Wishes For The Baby:
    You could end the baby shower with this activity or do it just before the virtual gift opening, if that’s a part of the event. A Google doc link can be shared with everyone to write their messages, or you could mail a customised format creative to all the guests individually. 

We hope these ideas help you plan a special baby shower for the Mom-to-be, and that you get to plan one in-person real soon🤍

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