Hospital Bag Essentials

Your little one’s arrival can make you impatient and moody, which is absolutely normal! And amidst all the chaos and excitement, you may forget or not get enough time to add a couple things to your hospital bag, hence it’s always a great idea to pack your hospital bag in advance (between 35-38 weeks) so there’s one less stress for you and your birth partner.We’re here to help with a list of hospital bag essentials for you, your baby & your birth partner🥳

Before we get there, check with your hospital in advance, about all the essentials that will be provided from their end and what’s allowed to carry to the hospital, so there’s no confusion!

Documents & Birth Plan

Carry all the necessary documents which cover your medical history, insurance documents, ID proofs and copies of your birth plan if you have one

Essentials for the Mom-To-Be:

Loose Clothing

Pack All Things Loose for your stay at the hospital. Get your hands on maternity dresses with buttons on the front, for hassle-free breast feeding

Maternity Pads

Carry a good stash of Maternity Pads or any Sanitary Napkins of your choice, since you might experience heavy bleeding post pregnancy. Maternity pads are bigger and softer, hence they’re a good option


Labour can be long and tiring. If permitted, it’s always good to carry some comfort food to make this process a little easier

Nursing Aids

Don’t forget to carry nursing pads and nursing bras, or bras which you think would be comfortable while breast feeding


You don’t know how long your stay at the hospital is going to be, so it’s advisable to go fully prepared. Keep yourself distracted with some good books and magazines. Don’t forget to put in those earphones, they’ll come in handy!


Carry all your daily essentials- Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Towel, Rubber bands, Hairbands and clips, Body wash, Face wash, Perfume to name a few, and whatever you require on a daily basis


Carry the most comfortable pair of footwear you have and add a couple pair of socks in case you feel cold during labour

Skin care Essentials

You might need to pamper your skin a little more during this time as your skin might feel drier than usual. Carry your best moisturisers and lip balm and keep yourself and your skin hydrated

Essentials for the Birth Partner:

Phone, Charger, Camera & Extra Batteries

While a little detox may sound nice, it’s always good to stay connected with your loved ones during this time! Also, you’re definitely going to want to capture all the precious moments once the little one arrives, so make sure there’s enough battery and memory on your device

Clothes & Daily Essentials

This is an unpredictable process, you may want to carry a good amount of clothes and your daily essentials

A Good Pillow

It’s going to be a tiring process for you too. Carrying your own pillow will help you rest better (and you definitely don’t want to compromise on the sleep)


If permitted, do carry some of your favorite snacks since you might feel hungry every now and then with all the excitement and nervousness

Essentials for the Baby:

Welcome to the world, little one! Here are few things mommy and daddy need to pack for you:


Bodysuits and vests would be great, but you might have to consult your hospital in advance as to what they recommend for your little one.


You’ll need a lot of these, since babies need a diaper change almost every 1-2 hours

Warm Blanket for Swaddling, Caps & Socks

Carry a warm, fuzzy blanket to swaddle your little one as swaddling is great to soothe your little one and also sleep better. Blankets are a must-have also because babies tend to get cold easily and to avoid direct skin to skin contact in the initial few days. Add in a few pair of socks for their tiny feet and a cap to cover their head too!

Baby Wipes

A newborn baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, so avoid using regular baby wipes as they’re harsh on the skin. You could use cotton swabs with water or organic baby wipes

Burp Cloth or Napkins

These come in handy to prevent your clothes from getting dirty with all the baby drool and vomit

And you’re all set to leave!
Don’t panic in case you forget something, someone can always get it for you.
Good luck to you and your partner, you got this💪🏻

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