Personalised Gifts For Your Little One and You

Who doesn’t love being pampered with gifts? A touch of personalisation goes a long way..

There are a plethora of reasons why personalised gifts are the best!
When it comes to gifting, it’s always the thought that counts, and customised gifts say “I’m thinking especially of you!” in the best way possible.

If you’re looking to give your little one or your loved one something unique and special, our newest brand Namely Co is for you. Read on to know about all they have to offer..

Introducing Namely Co.’s Personalised Organic Knitted Products

Namely Co. is a personalised organic knitwear brand from the Australian shores. The brand specialises in custom-made blankets, cushion covers, beanies, stockings and more.

Made with organic cotton and the finest quality yarns, their products encompass timeless and modern knit designs, making them the perfect gift.
It’s a gift that will last too; an heirloom item, that can be passed on and treasured forever. And being designed in Australia, made from the softest organic cotton; they’re good for the world, too!

Here are some of our personal favorites from the brand:

Organic Cotton Knitted Personalised Blankets

Namely Co.’s Blankets are made-to-order and personalised with your little one’s name in the highest quality yarns. They have recently launched their adult personalised blanket range and we couldn’t be more excited! From the beautiful soft colours, the stunning designs and even the wording (their name or a special nickname) you choose, it will create a connection between you and the recipient of your gift.

Organic Cotton Knitted Personalised Cushion Covers

Up your little one’s nursery/playroom decor game with these adorable personalised cushions! All Namely Co. products are packaged in a gorgeous cloth carry bag and wrapped in tissue paper making them the perfect gift to treasure for a lifetime.

Organic Cotton Monogram Beanies

Find us a cuter gift, we’ll wait! The most sought after beanie of the season- Knitted Monogram Beanies, personalised with your Baby/Toddler initials. This beanie is bound to make your little munchkin look even cuter, and shutter happy parents can think about all the adorable pictures they can get. Namely Co. needs to start making these for adults too.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we’re pretty sure you must be excited and a little relieved to have found the perfect gift for your loved ones- The gift of love, warmth and personalisation!
Which is your favorite Namely Co. product?

Get yours customised on our website-

Happy Gifting!

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