The Lockdown Effect On Children

The global turmoil has impacted us all in some way…As adults, we’re able to express how the lockdown has impacted us, but not everyone knows that it also impacts kids in ways even they don’t understand yet. 

We are here to break it down for you: 

No Physical Activity:
Lack of outdoor playtime has been quite a bummer for children! The situation has completely dampened the excitement that every child has, the minute the clock ticks 5:00pm. This has significantly affected their general behavioral patterns and has also increased lethargy.

However, the good news is, there are tons of things you can do to prevent this! Encourage a healthy lifestyle by doing family workouts together, attending dance workshops online, or even running around a little in the house with your tiny one during playtime could be helpful.

Increase In Screen Time:

Due to lack of physical activity and incessant school projects that are being conducted online, children are being exposed to a lot more screen time in the recent months. While most of it is also due to the change in schooling techniques to adapt to the situation, children are also spending more and more time watching tv and playing video games.

To reduce this, engage them in activities like drawing, coloring, reading, pretend play, etc. Try to come up with fun and quirky activities to do with regular items available at home.

Less Human Interaction:
We all have been home confined for months, but Social Media apps have been a blessing for us. Our little ones however haven’t had that kind of interaction with their peers and friends, due to which they are slowly developing social anxiety.

Try organizing weekly video calls or online play dates with other mommies so the kids can talk to their friends and also keep busy, so they’re not completely isolated from the outside world and other humans

Learning Has Been Hampered:
Adapting to the sudden change in schooling techniques has been quite overwhelming for kids as well as parents. There’s a vast difference between learning in person and learning digitally. Most parents are busy working or doing household chores all day, which has made it difficult to pay attention to every little thing that’s happening in school, and children are suddenly expected to know technology at the tip of their fingers. Stress levels have increased and these little kids are being deprived of real school life experience, which we haven’t acknowledged enough.

There’s not much we can do to change this, but try devoting some time everyday to make sure your child is not struggling to keep up with the change. They may not be vocal about it, but they could be as worked up as us adults. You can also try pretend play to give them a little school experience at home.

Overly Attached & More Dependency:
Most working parents are working from home right now, which means more time with your child. While this is every parents’ dream, it also has its cons. Children have gotten used to having you around 24x7, and most have accepted this lifestyle as the new normal. However, things will change eventually, and this might create some sense of separation anxiety in them, when they start going to school again or see their parents leaving the house.

To avoid this, try to follow the same lifestyle your family had before the lockdown as much as possible. We know it’s hard, but avoid helping your child with things you wouldn’t be able to help with otherwise, when things were normal. Make sure they are not completely dependent on you for the tiniest of things. Try setting a few rules, so your child doesn’t throw a fit every time you’re preoccupied with work or something else.

Sleeping Patterns Have Drastically Changed:
Since there’s no physical activity or exertion, your child is less likely to sleep early. They try to grab every opportunity they get to play with you, since there’s no one else they can play with right now.

No amount of time is enough with your child, but setting a routine will do wonders for them and will also give you some adult/me time. Inculcating a reading habit just before bedtime will make sure they sleep well and it’s also a great way to bond.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from these little superheroes- It’s how fast they learn to accept change and this is something we all should practice.

Let’s all focus on the good, better times are coming! 😊

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