Tips To Encourage Reading Habit In Your Child

Books can be your best friend, and developing the habit of reading at an early age can prove to be highly beneficial for your little one in the long run.

Here are few easy tips to encourage reading habit in your child:

Keep A Fixed Reading Time

Fixing a specific time for an activity helps the child develop self-discipline and adjusts their body clocks. Thus, keeping a fixed daily reading time will eventually help in converting this activity into a habit.

Read Aloud

This is one of the first steps towards developing an interest towards reading in your child. Introduce your child to the world of books even before they can start reading. Read out some interesting stories to them every day, but don’t finish the story. Let them make an effort to read the last few pages. It may be a slow process, but their curiosity to know more will eventually increase their pace and understanding.

Picture Books

Picture books are great to start with. They’re easier to understand and visually more appealing. You can slowly start giving books with more reading content, once your child is familiar and comfortable reading basic words.

Avoid Pressurizing

No one wants to be pressurized into doing something they are not interested in, especially if it’s supposed to be a leisure activity. If you notice your child getting cranky or resisting reading time, you must take it slow. Start with different ways to slowly build their interest. For example- Reading road signs, names of their toys, grocery lists, etc.

Let Them Choose The Book

Let your child explore and pick a read of his choice, this will make him take more interest in what he’s reading. To make sure it’s age appropriate, you can keep a variety of books for him to choose from.

Experiment With Genres

Most kids love fiction, and that’s great to develop interest! But do experiment with different kinds of books, you never know what might do the job! This will also be great for broadening their horizon and for developing their creative and imaginative skills.

Create A Reading Corner

Create a fun space for your child to read. It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, just a space that they already associate with leisure. This will help them understand how reading is not a daily chore or task, rather a fun activity to unwind and relax after a long day!

Make Your Own Bedtime Stories

Every night before sleeping, keep an hour aside to bond with your child. Pick up moments from your day and get creative with stories which they can relate to. This will not only build their interest, but also help them contribute to the stories with their imagination and creativity.

Visit The Book Store

Book stores are great to spark interest in your child towards reading, as they will have a plethora of books and genres to choose from and seeing others reading will motivate them to develop the same habit.

Let Them See You Reading

Kids are keen observers. They pick up habits from their parents and try to imitate them all the time! Make sure your kids see you reading, they’re likely to catch your love for books, and this will only make it easier for you to inculcate the same habit in them!

Do tell us how you encourage your child to read books!
Happy Reading :)

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