World Monuments
World Monuments
World Monuments
World Monuments
World Monuments
World Monuments
World Monuments

World Monuments

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Travel the globe, learn facts about landmark monuments, meet the builders and create your own journey. Kids can learn a great deal about the world in the comforts of their home. Our World Monuments series is just the perfect fun way for Global Kids to Explore World Landmarks.

Age: 8 Months - 8 Years


WORLD MONUMENTS FLASHCARDS (SET OF 10): These educational flashcards for toddlers are imperative for auditory and visual stimulation and brain development of babies and kids. This set includes Angkor Wat, Colosseum, Potala Palace, Parthenon, Chichen Itza, Saint Basil's Cathedral, Stonehenge, Hagia Sophia, Mount Rushmore, Leaning Tower of Pisa.

SCIENTIFICALLY-DESIGNED KIDS FLASH CARDS: These flashcards for kids are backed by research and boost early learning in toddlers and children. The image on the flashcard is isolated on a white background to eliminate distraction and help babies focus on the image.

REDUCE KIDS SCREEN TIME: With large realistic images on these learning flashcards for kids, children love looking at them and enjoy the activity with Quantum Cards. The kid-friendly information on the other side of the cards makes for a great learning and reading activity for children.

ENGAGING ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: As flashcards for kids, they can be used to create playful learning activities that boost memory, focus, concentration and vocabulary in children. These pre-school flashcards are durable and of premium quality, as they are tear-resistant and kids can hold them safely. 


Material Artboard
Size of Card 11 x 11 inches
Category Flashcards for Toddlers & Kids
Care Wipe with a dry cloth