Basic Grooming Set
Basic Grooming Set

Basic Grooming Set

Mother Care
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This Essential Mothercare Baby Grooming Set Contains All You Need To Keep Baby Looking Smart And Groomed


  • Extra soft nylon bristles and rounded edges allow you to use the brush and comb without pulling baby's hair
  • The baby grooming set features three nail products to help you keep baby's tiny nails short and neat so that they can't scratch themselves including nail clippers, nail scissors and nail files
  • Baby's first toothbrush has a soft brush and can be used on baby's gums to get them into a good habit for when their teeth do come through

What's in the box:

  • Soft Nylon Bristles
  •  Baby Comb
  •  Nail Clippers
  •  Nail Scissors
  •  Nail Files
  •  Baby’s First Toothbrush.