Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf
Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf
Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf
Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf
Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf
Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf

Cocoonababy® (with sheet) Leaf

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The Cocoonababy®, an ergonomic cocoon, helps the newborn to adapt as best as possible to life after birth.

Respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position in the Cocoonababy® allows babies to feel safe and content. It helps him find quality sleep and limits the appearance of the main adjustment disorders that can bother him during his first months promoting harmonious development.


  • EASE OF USE: The seam of the fitted sheet on the headpiece indicates the location of the baby's head.
  • SAFETY: The ventral band provides good support for the baby.
  • SCALABLE: The adjustable and removable reducer (placed under the fitted sheet) allows to adapt to the size of the baby while providing support in the winding.
  • DURABILITY: The high resilience foam (which has the ability to return to its original shape) guarantees longevity and quality.
  • HYGIENIC: The integral washable and water-repellent protective cover allows for impeccable hygiene.
  • Conforms to safety requirements
  • Certipur® certification: The Certipur® label guarantees that the foam has been manufactured in compliance with very high standards of safety, hygiene and the environment.
  • Weight: 1 kg

The Cocoonababy® includes:

  • 1 cotton flower® fitted sheet
  • 1 ventral band
  • 1 waterproof protective cover
  • 1 carrying bag

Safety First: Cocoonababy is suitable for babies from 2.8kgs and until the child starts trying to roll over or change position in the nest (3 months old). For use in a cot (making sure the base is in the lowest position and that the depth above the cot mattress is superior to 50cm or on the ground, on carpet, or in a playpen.