14 products

    14 products
    Sebamed Baby Massage Oil - 150ml
    Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath - 200ml
    Sebamed Baby Lotion - 400ml
    Sebamed Baby Powder - 400 gms
    Sebamed Baby Cream, Extra Soft, 200ml
    Sebamed Baby Body Milk Lotion - 400ml
    Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar - 150 gms
    Sebamed Baby Lotion - 100ml
    Sebamed Baby Powder - 100 gm
    Sebamed Children Shampoo - 50 ml
    Sebamed Baby Body Milk - 100ml
    Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft - 50ml
    Sebamed Baby Lip Balm
    Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar - 100gm
    Sebamed is a German brand name of Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, which manufactures medicinal skin care products.Sebamed was established by Heinz Maurer in 1957. Since 1971 the Sebamed products are exported to 70 countries. Sebamed's product philosophy has been confirmed and documented in over 120 scientific studies: cleansing and care products, which aim to maintain the pH value of 5.5 ensure that the skin remains healthy. All Sebamed products are "soap free" and suitable for baby even with the most sensitive skin. 
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