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Abena Maternity Pads

Protect against leakage and irritation with fast absorption and super soft material

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Abena Incontinence Pads

With patented stay dry technology, Abena Light is ultra-discreet and soft to prevent any discomfort

Abena Maternity Pads
Abena Maternity Pads
Rs. 590
Abena Light Maxi 4A Incontinence Pads - 1000 ml Absorbency
Abena Light Super 4 Incontinence Pads - 850 ml absorbency
Abena Light Mini Plus 1A Incontinence Pads - 200 ml absorbency
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At ABENA, you will find the widest available range of incontinence products made from high-quality, soft, and breathable materials. ABENA's incontinence products:

- Are designed for comfort and security
- Offer superior leakage protection
- Are breathable for healthy skin balance