11 Best International Baby-led Weaning Brands in India in 2024

11 Best International Baby-led Weaning Brands in India in 2024


Baby-Led Weaning is the process of starting solids for your baby, letting them learn to eat and explore the world of new flavors and textures at their discretion. It is a process that can be started once your baby turns 6 months old, can sit up in their highchair without support, and demonstrate the ability to chew and swallow food properly.

Baby-Led Weaning is assisted by multiple products that form an essential arsenal.
These products usually include a sturdy highchair, oral development tools that assist a baby as they learn chewing, mats and bibs to keep the mess at bay (because BLW can be a messy affair!), and some utensils that will assist your little one to excel at eating by themselves.

To save you time and effort, we decided to put together a curated list of the 11 best, international baby-led weaning brands in India.

ezpz developmental feeding tools


Most good things start with a bit of chaos - and ezpz is no different
Finding no product that was satisfactory or sturdy enough for their three boys, under the age of three, Lindsay and her husband decided to take it upon themselves to create the perfect product  - The Happy Mat (the original all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table). With expert assistance from an in-house pediatric feeding specialist (Dawn Winkelmann, M.S, CCC-SLP) the ezpz team has designed products for each age and stage of feeding development.
As of 2022 ezpz has developed all the gear needed for each stage: Pre-feeding Tools for infants, Tiny Line for babies, Mini Line for toddlers, and Happy Line for preschoolers. They even have ezpz Basics for kiddos 5+!


Beaba Self-feeding Tools


Since 1989, BÉABA has been on a mission to craft innovative baby care products, combining design and technology to meet the evolving needs of parents worldwide. From the get-go, their focus has been on listening to parents' feedback, ensuring that safety, functionality, and ergonomics remain at the forefront of everything they create.

BÉABA feeding products are developed in France and are recognized for their vibrant and stylish design. With a commitment to promoting healthy eating habits in children, their exceptional team curated a range of cooking and feeding products, complete with complementary accessories - At the heart of which lies the groundbreaking Babycook®, the Original Baby Food Maker™. The Babycook has revolutionized infant feeding with their patented system that you parents to steam, blend, warm, and defrost delicious meals in minutes, ensuring that babies receive the best start to their culinary journey. Keeping in line with their desire for innovation, Beaba introduced Babycook® Solo and Duo, featuring enhanced time-saving features based on parents' feedback. With Duo, parents are empowered to cook with one hand, recognizing the need for multitasking in today's busy world.

Stokke High Chairs


Stokke is a name that resonates worldwide for its commitment to excellence. For over four decades, Stokke has blended Scandinavian design with a passion for innovation, creating products that nurture family bonding and child development. With a steadfast focus on the best interest of the child, these products not only prioritize functionality and ease of use but also bring children closer to their parents. This emphasis on closeness fosters connection, helping children feel safe, loved, and empowered to explore the world around them.
By using high-quality, durable materials and incorporating grow-with-your-child functionality, Stokke ensures that its products stand the test of time, lasting for generations to come. This commitment to functionality and longevity reflects Stokke's values, which are prevalent in two of their star products - The Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair For Life, and the Stokke Clikk™ All in One Highchair. These are most loved by the parents who have built their nursery set up, and recommend the same to their fellow parents, carrying the legacy of these lifetime products ahead!


Childhome High Chairs

Childhome (High chairs)

At AllThingsBaby.com, we bring you everything for the baby, including the story of Childhome!

In 1985, Stefan Aerts embarked on a journey, driving from shop to shop with a van full of baby gear. With his dedication, and  the support of his wife Nathalie, Childhome was born.
Having firsthand experience as parents to a son and twin daughters, Stefan and Nathalie understood the needs of young families like no other. Childhome now has a presence in over 60 countries, and Stefan and Nathalie continue to lead their business with unwavering passion and dedication. The Childhome Team ensures that every product is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. This passion has been recognized with prestigious international awards for their outstanding products - The Evolu 2 and th Evolu ONE.80° highchairs!

These highchairs personify the their four core values: safety, quality, passion, and timeless design.

Bapron Baby

Bapron Baby

At AllThingsBaby, we understand the struggles of parenting, especially when it comes to mealtime messes. Your answer to the mess? Bapron Baby! What is a "bapron" you ask?
It's a bib-apron hybrid designed for little ones who despise traditional bibs that tie around the neck. Perfect for self-feeding babies during baby-led weaning, the baprons grow with your child from 6 months to 3T and beyond. Baprons are 100% waterproof and highly stain-resistant, ensuring durability and easy clean-up. Forget the hassle of constantly washing bibs in the laundry. Our baprons are designed to rinse clean in the sink and are machine washable/dryable for your convenience. Each bapron is hand-cut and sewn with love, ensuring 100% baby safety with BPA-free and CPSIA compliant materials. Bought one yet? 


Skip Hop

Skip Hop

It all began with a simple necessity—a diaper bag. In 2003, as new parents navigating the bustling streets of New York City, Michael and Ellen Diamant found themselves dissatisfied with the diaper bag options available. Determined to blend fashion with functionality, Ellen sketched out her vision for what would become the Duo Diaper Bag - leading to the creation of SkipHop! Ellen's experience in product innovation and luxury goods branding, combined with Michael's entrepreneurial spirit, formed the foundation of Skip Hop's vision—modern design with true functionality. From the heart of New York City, Skip Hop has grown into a global lifestyle brand, touching the lives of parents and babies in over 30 countries worldwide - all the way to India. From humble beginnings to global reach, Skip Hop remains dedicated to making parenting easier, safer, and more joyful for families everywhere.




A brand with a simple mission: to make life easier and more enjoyable for children and parents alike, especially when it comes to feeding and messy play. Bibado believes that childhood and parenthood are incredible adventures meant to be savored. Their goal is to foster a sense of curiosity and exploration in both children and parents by providing practical solutions that empower, educate, and, most importantly, bring joy. Born out of real-life parenting challenges, the founders, like many families, struggled to find a bib that could keep up with their little one's messy mealtimes. After trying countless styles and brands without success, their journey began to create a bib that not only kept kids covered but also made cleanup a breeze.

Along the way, their innovative solutions didn’t just save time and manage messes—they also supported crucial aspects of early childhood development. Experts state that messy play during weaning is essential for growth, helping children develop taste preferences, motor skills, and a sense of adventure, and the team at Bibado agrees!


Eco Rascals

Eco Rascals

At AllThingsBaby, we're committed to showcasing brands that don’t just share our passion for making parenthood easier, but also more sustainable. Eco rascals is a brand founded by Celeidh and Kristina, two mothers on a mission to revolutionize mealtime for families everywhere. Their journey began in late 2018 when they struggled to find tableware that met their stringent safety criteria while also considering sustainability and functionality. Concerned about the pervasive presence of plastic in their children's lives, they delved into alarming statistics, realizing the urgent need for change. Driven by their kids' well-being, they vowed to be part of the solution. Thus, Eco Rascals was born—to offer safer, eco-friendly alternatives for children. From bamboo plates to snack pots, their range is designed to make mealtime enjoyable and less stressful for both parents and kids. By choosing eco rascals, parents are taking a step towards a greener, healthier future for their children and the planet. 

Joie (High chairs)

Have you heard of Joie? As the name suggests, they aim are a brand driven by a deep commitment to spreading joy to new parents worldwide. At Joie, they  subject each product to rigorous testing to ensure safety and quality - meticulously using the highest quality plastics, tough and durable fabrics, and uncompromised materials to ensure longevity and performance. Every decision made is guided by purpose, intention, and enthusiasm, reflecting the leadership's unwavering commitment to doing what's right for families, the company, and the environment. We believe this is exactly the reason their strollers are popular amongst parents! Joie products are designed with adaptability and versatility to meet the unique preferences of families everywhere, be it England or India. Feel the Joie! 




Before we come to the last stop, lets embark on the Miniware journey, a tale of passion and innovation crafted by husband and wife design team, Adam and Ai Su Bonnier. Inspired by the arrival of their first child in 2013, their quest for a better eating solution led them to create Miniware—a fusion of functionality, beauty, and eco-consciousness. Dissatisfied with existing options in children's dishware, they set out to design a product that could evolve with their child's development. Its innovative design offers a secure surface for feeding, while its spaciousness aids in developing children's dexterity. With calming, minimalist colors and a focus on practicality, Miniware fosters an environment where the emphasis is on food and eating, not distracting characters. Miniware provides a more "grown-up" experience, by making the suction base removable as children grow. Miniware is the perfect marriage of industrial design expertise and multicultural backgrounds of Adam and Ai Su, Miniware reflecting a harmonious blend of Swedish and Taiwanese influences. Its sleek, modern aesthetic and serene color palette transcend cultural boundaries, celebrating the universal joy of dining together.

Graco high chairs

Graco (High chairs) 

And saving one of the finest for the last; we have Graco! Founded in 1942 as Graco Metal Products, Graco has been a steadfast companion to families worldwide, offering support and innovative solutions to make every parenting moment smoother. Their journey took a significant turn in 1955 with the inception of the Swyngomatic—the world's first automatic baby swing—conceived by engineer Rex Thomas. Inspired by his wife's ingenuity, this pioneering product became a sensation, propelling Graco into the forefront of baby gear manufacturing.

At Graco, safety is paramount. Coming from an industrial background, they meticulously test all the products beyond industry standards, ensuring that each swing, stroller, and car seat provides the utmost protection for your little one. Their engineers continuously innovate to enhance safety features, incorporating advancements like Safety Surround™ Side Impact Protection and TrueShield™ side impact protection pods into their car seats. Recognized for excellence, Graco has garnered numerous awards since 2019 from esteemed organizations such as Mother & Baby, Made for Mums, Bizzie Baby, and Loved by Parents. Their car seats consistently receive high marks from ADAC, a leading German automobile club, further validating our commitment to safety and quality.

In summary, these 11 international baby-led weaning brands in India offer a diverse range of innovative solutions for parents. From ezpz's Happy Mat to Beaba's Babycook®, each brand brings unique features to the table. Stokke and Childhome prioritize longevity and functionality, while Bapron Baby, Bibado, and Skip Hop focus on practicality and convenience. Eco Rascals and Miniware stand out for their eco-conscious designs, while Joie and Graco emphasize safety and quality. Whatever your preferences, there's a brand here to make your baby-led weaning journey a joyous and hassle-free experience. 


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