4 Handpicked Winter Essentials for Babies

4 Handpicked Winter Essentials for Babies
4 Handpicked Winter Essentials for Babies

The winter months are just around the corner, from warm layered clothing to baby care products that nourish and protect your baby, there is a lot to consider while stocking up on winter essentials. To help you prepare for the upcoming season, here is a comprehensive list of the top 4 winter baby essentials you’ll need to keep your baby warm and healthy this winter.

Swaddles & Warm Blankets
1. Swaddles & Warm Blankets - Majority parents swaddle their babies while they sleep in order to make the baby feel secure and safe. Swaddling also works wonders during the winter months since it's an added layer of warmth while your baby sleeps snuggly. Masilo’s 100% bamboo muslin swaddle cloths that are made with one of the softest and most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet are bound to make your baby’s sleep comfortable. Another essential for the cold winter nights are warm cosy blankets and Namely Co’s bespoke personalised blankets and Malabar Baby’s Organic Snug Blankets are just what your baby needs to sleep snuggly this winter.

Long Sleeve Onesies & Bodysuits
2. Long Sleeve Onesies & Bodysuits - Warm full length and full sleeve onesies and bodysuits are a must have winter essential for your little one. Whether you are taking your baby out for a stroll or tucking them in for the night, long sleeve and full length bodysuits are apt for the cold winter days. Masilo’s Long Sleeve Kimono Bodysuits with the cross-body detailing with snaps makes for easy on and off while keeping your baby’s delicate neck in mind. 

Sweaters, Jackets and Beanies
3. Sweaters, Jackets and Beanies - Anytime your baby is outside during the winter layering is key. Experts believe if you are comfortable with a jacket on top of your clothes, you should have your baby in a jacket and a blanket. Babies lose heat faster than adults, and the younger they are, the lesser they are able to adapt to the cold. Namely Co’s May Gibbs Alphabet Jumper custom made with your baby/child's name in the highest quality yarns is the apt winter jacket for your precious little ones. Another must have winter accessory to keep them warm and stylish is Namely Co’s Chunky Cotton Knitted Personalized Beanies this winter. 

Hydrating Moisturisers and Creams
4. Hydrating Moisturisers and Creams -  A drop in temperatures and the lack of humidity contribute to dry skin in the winter months. A must during winter months are short warm baths for your little one and when you dry your baby off, apply a good moisturiser. Reapply moisturiser as many times daily as you like to ensure soft and smooth skin for your baby all throughout. Mustela’s Nourishing Lotion With Cold Cream is apt for the winter months when your baby’s skin needs that little extra nourishment, while also acting on the deeper layers of the skin to keep it healthy.

For a detailed list of must have winter essentials you can also visit our specially curated winter store.

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