5 Back to School Essentials for Kids in India

5 Back to School Essentials for Kids in India5 Back to School Essentials for Kids in India

It’s no denying that the past 2 years have been stressful due to the pandemic. Our little ones lost the most precious years of their lives. The online schooling was not too easy as well. Even though we parents tried to give a similar environment indoors but let’s be true that it isn’t easy. There’s no comparison to the outside world and the environment in a school is much different than an online one.

Luckily, the difficult situation has passed and the offline schools have finally begun but, for our little ones it’s still a little difficult. How? For starters, they are not used to seeing so many new faces. It can be a little difficult to go and interact with strangers and many of us might not know this but, kids go through anxiety and stress as well. It’s just that they don’t understand it like we do. So, how do we make going to school easy? It can be daunting for parents as well, seeing their little babies grow up so fast right? Hence, to make a smooth transition from online to offline schools we need to start at home. We can do this with some pretend play. Who knew a little pretend play could go a long way? Through pretend play, little ones understand different situations and behaviors which therefore make it easier for them to face the situation when any such things they experience in real life. 

Now that school is starting, Our little ones also need the school essentials. Here are 5 School essentials for their new journey:

My First Bag by Childhome

  • My First Bag
  • A bag is a must have for the new school year. My First Bag from Childhome is just perfect for our little munchkins. The largest compartment is large enough for a lunch box and water bottle and in the small compartment your child can still take his/her favorite things. The removable and adjustable safety buckle ensures that the backpack always feels comfortable and stays in place! 

    Stainless Steel Straw Cup
  • Stainless Steel Straw Cup
  • Stainless Steel Straw Cup by Beaba is a slide-open double-walled stainless steel straw cup which enables young children, as from 8 months, to learn to drink on their own. Solid and equipped with a double wall for insulation, it is ideal for use on the go. It offers some light insulation, helping the beverage stay warm or cold for a little longer so that kids get to enjoy cool or warm drinks even when on the go. In addition, there is less temperature conduction to the surface of the bottle, making it more comfortable to handle for kids.

    2nd Stage Training Fork and Spoon
  • 2nd Stage Training Fork and Spoon
  • The Beaba 2nd stage training fork and spoon are the perfect addition to any mealtime with your little one. It is easy for a baby to grasp. The best part? It is suitable for left- handed and right- handed use, and comes with a storage case. Therefore, it is hygienic when traveling. 

    3-in-1 Evolution Training Cup
  • 3-in-1 Evolution Training Cup
  • Super practical this 3-in-1 Evolutive Training Cup from Beaba! Scalable, it adapts to every moment of little ones’ life: for the 1st age as a bottle function regulating the air to facilitate feeding and reduce colic, as a bottle function to support the child in his transition from using the bottle by the glass, and at the end of the glass when baby knows how to drink like adults.

    Spark Style Lunch Kit
  • Spark Style Lunch Kit
  • Pack your little ones’ lunch in epic style! Featuring cool designs that let little personalities shine, kids will love this “big kid” set to tote meals to school or a picnic in the park. Great for encouraging independent eating, the 4-piece set includes a smaller snack container and lid that fits neatly inside the lunch box. Cute clips make it a snap for your toddler to open all by themselves. 

    Who’s ready to send their kids back to school? After this article, we know you will be!

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