Adventure Awaits! Here’s why you NEED the Stokke JetKids Bedbox

Adventure Awaits! Here’s why you NEED the Stokke JetKids Bedbox

Your little adventurer’s Ride-on Suitcase & In-flight Bed

Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun, but also challenging! They are growing, learning and experiencing a lot of new things that might be very normal for you as an adult - like sleeping on a plan, or even being entertained during a long journey. The Stokke JetKids BedBox is here to make your journeys smoother and more enjoyable. What is the Stokke JetKids BedBox?

It is a versatile ride-on suitcase and travel bed combination designed to keep your little ones comfortable and entertained during flights. If you are a jet-setting family, here’s why you definitely need one!

Features of the Stokke JetKids BedBox

Ride-On Suitcase: The Stokke JetKids BedBox doubles as a ride-on suitcase, allowing your child to hop on and ride through the airport. Way better fun than dragging them around, disgruntled, and walking! No more cranky and furious, only fast and curious!  

Spacious Storage: As the name suggests, it is also a box for stuff! With ample space inside, the Stokke JetKids BedBox is ideal for storing toys, snacks, and other travel essentials. Your child can pack it themselves and personalize it with colorful stickers, making them independent and feel included in the packing and prepping process before a trip!

Travel Bed: Now, to the standout feature - its ability to convert into a travel bed!
The Stokke JetKids BedBox transforms the airplane seat into a comfortable bed, giving your child their personal cozy space to stretch out and rest. Totally not envious as an adult!

Easy Conversion: Converting the the Stokke JetKids BedBox into a bed is simple. Place the suitcase in the space between your seat and the one in front of you, flip the lid, and slide out the extensions. Add the foam mat and side bumpers, and TADA! your child’s mini bed is ready.

Benefits of the Stokke JetKids BedBox

Comfort: The Stokke JetKids BedBox provides a comfortable place for your child to sleep on long flights, reducing the chances of having an overtired, cranky child during travel and increasing the chance of fun!

Entertainment: The Stokke JetKids BedBox keeps your child entertained and occupied at the airport, making the entire travel experience smoother. It also holds stuff for them to be entertained in-flight!

Convenience: The Stokke JetKids BedBox fits within carry-on luggage parameters, making it easy to bring on board. It also fits under the seat for easy access during the flight.

Durability: Built to last, The Stokke JetKids BedBox can be used beyond the toddler years as a regular suitcase, making it a long-term investment.

Things to Consider

Airline Policies: While the Stokke JetKids BedBox is generally accepted, some airlines might have restrictions. Always check with your airline beforehand to ensure you can use it on your flight.

Age Suitability: The Stokke JetKids BedBox is suitable for children as young as 2 years old up to about 7 years old. However, the ride-on feature is most useful for toddlers.

Positioning: Below diagram will help you understand where to position your Stokke JetKids BedBox

Position of Jetkids Bedbox in an aiplane

Final Thoughts

The Stokke JetKids BedBox is a game changer for families who travel frequently. Its dual function as a ride-on suitcase and travel bed makes it a versatile and practical addition to your travel gear. If you’re looking for a product that will make your travel experiences more enjoyable and hassle-free, this BedBox is a must-have.

Happy travels!

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