Baby Wearing - All you need to know in 2022

Baby Wearing - all you need to know in 2022

Baby Wearing - all you need to know in 2022

Innumerable studies and researches have shown that baby wearing helps foster a strong sense of attachment and bonding between the parent and the child. While the term “Baby Wearing” is relatively recent, women have been carrying their babies in slings and pieces of cloth since centuries. It was in the late 1960s, that an American woman created the Snugli baby carrier after being inspired by African women carrying their babies on their backs in Togo, West Africa. Didymos, the first woven wrap company, was established in Germany in 1970 after its founder was given a traditional Mexican carrier - Rebozo.  In the early 1980s, Dr William Sears, coined the term ‘attachment parenting’ and his wife who put the sling on in the morning and only took it off in the night invented the term ‘Baby Wearing’.

The many benefits of Baby Wearing

The benefits of Baby Wearing are aplenty, both for the parent and child, it does great things for the child, and it makes life easier for parents. It works wonders, functionally and emotionally! Babies who are carried are more likely to cry less, feel more secure, learn about their environment, are familiarized and interested in human interaction since they are constantly at eye level when being carried. The close proximity is a proven way for them to bond with their parents. For parents, the sheer convenience of holding your baby close, even while doing the smallest of the tasks is incredible. Having your hands free to work, cook, do your household chores, shop, go for a walk, all the while carrying the baby on you, are benefits enough. Mothers also use carriers to conveniently breastfeed their little babies. 

As more and more parents started baby wearing, baby carriers were designed ergonomically, keeping the babies posture and the wearer’s comfort in mind. When we talk about ergonomic baby carriers there is only one brand that is synonymous with it - Ergobaby, an internationally acclaimed and loved baby carrier brand that is now available in India at, the Official Partner in India. 

ErgobabyBaby Wearing made easy with Ergobaby

Ergobaby Carriers topped the shopping lists of soon to be parents in India, who would then wait for their relatives overseas to bring it for them. With this launch parents across India can now purchase Ergobaby carriers from the convenience of their homes. Parents can choose between the Embrace Newborn Carrier, the Omni Breeze Baby Carrier or the Omni Dream Baby Carrier depending on their requirements and comfort. The Embrace Newborn Carrier is soft, cozy and super comfortable - it is the best way for the parent and child to stay connected. No complicated wrapping or tying, the Ergobaby Embrace keeps the parent and baby close as you find your new rhythm together. The Embrace Newborn Carrier is very convenient for breastfeeding and offers a hip-healthy and ergonomic "M" position for the baby. On the other hand, the Omni Dream Baby Carrier is a carrier that does it all. The Ergobaby Omni Dream offers all 4 ergonomic carrying positions, enables a quick change between inward and outward facing options and grows from newborn (from 3.2 kgs) to toddler (up to 20 kgs) - without the need for a newborn insert. The Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier along with being a carrier that does it all brings breathability. Rated number 1 in Airflow*, when tested with comparable carriers, the Omni Breeze uses SoftFlex Mesh fabric to maximize airflow, keeping the caregiver and the baby comfortable and dry all day.

Baby Wearing today is a great way for parents and caregivers to connect with the child while making sure the child’s emotional needs are met. Parents and especially mothers are no longer restricted to just holding their baby in their arms for hours on end while not being able to attend to any other engagement or chore. Ergobaby is the solution to making parenting non-restrictive and fun while keeping the baby safe and secure.

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