Beaba Babycook – Why the World’s Original Baby Food Processor is a Must-Have!

Beaba Babycook – Why the World’s Original Baby Food Processor is a Must-Have

Beaba Babycook – Why the World’s Original Baby Food Processor is a Must-Have!

As your child crosses the 4 month mark every parent starts preparing for the next big milestone - Starting Solids. From the correct chair that makes sure your child is sitting upright, to the correct spoons ensuring that your child can explore and eat what's put in front of them, parents today have a million options to choose from. The one thing that every parent must have before their child starts solids is the Beaba Babycook. Beaba shares the philosophy of a lot of Indian parents, that preparing your own baby food is the healthiest and safest way to feed your baby. Parents today are not comfortable opening packaged glass jars and pouches and feeding their baby food that had been prepared months ago in a different country sometimes. Beaba’s Babycook is the answer to all your woes. 

What is a Babycook?

Beaba’s Babycook is the solution to parents' dilemma across the world of wanting to cook and feed their children healthy fresh food while keeping the whole process convenient and efficient too. The Babycook is a compact device that functions as a steamer, blender, food warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, nutritious meals for your baby. As a parent you can quickly steam cook vegetables, fruits and meats in 15 minutes or less, while preserving their nutritional value and flavors. With the Babycook you can blend food to the desired consistency making it into a smooth puree or keeping it whole and chunky or anywhere in between as per the child's age and requirement. 

<h2>Why is the Babycook a must have for new parents?</h2>

Unlike other food processors, the Babycook is not just useful for steaming food but can be used to blend, defrost and reheat too. With the Babycook parents don't have to worry about multiple kitchen utensils and appliances to cook and reheat baby food. Lesser utensils also means greater convenience for the parents since it's literally just one compact tabletop device which steams, blends and reheats your child’s food. Other than fruits and vegetables parents can also steam raw chicken and fish with the Babycook. One of the key advantages of the Babycook is that you control consistency from fine to chunky puree while blending the food, since the stock is collected below the steam basket and you can add that while blending as per the consistency you require. The Babycooks Patented steam cooking system also ensures that the food retains the nutrients and vitamins that are lost through other cooking methods like boiling. The Babycook also makes traveling with your child hassle free specially since the Babycook Solo can also be packed in this super travel friendly and chic Transport Bag and you can literally feed your child nutrient dense food wherever you go.

Beaba Babycook

Original, Solo, Neo, or Duo which Babycook is ideal for me?

Beaba understands that there is no “One size fits all” which is why the Babycook family consists of: Babycook Original, Babycook Solo, Babycook Duo and Babycook Neo and you can choose one as per your needs and lifestyle. The Babycook Solo is the updated version of the Original model with a larger capacity of 1100ml and is easier to operate. On the other hand the Babycook Duo is a double version of the Solo and has 2 x 1100ml capacity, allowing for steaming on both sides of the machine simultaneously enabling you to make two different meals for your child. This is also helpful when you have children of different ages and their meal time requirements vary. The Babycook Neo has all the amazing features as above but has a capacity of 1250ml with a Sabatier Diamante high quality blade. It is also eco friendly as compared to the Solo with a long lasting glass bowl instead.

For any parent, feeding their child healthy, nutritious food free of any additives and preservatives is of utmost importance. The Babycook is a solution for all parents who want to feed their child the best homemade food laden with all its natural vitamins and nutrients, all the while being super convenient for parents to use, store and clean.

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