Best Baby Teethers of 2022


Best Baby Teethers

Best Baby Teethers of 2022

If your babies have started putting things in their mouth, it’s probably time to get them some teethers. Teethers are baby toys that they can bite on while their baby teeth develop. The soft textures and bumps help in soothing little ones’ aching gums. Some of them can also be kept in refrigerators to cool and provide babies some extra relief. 

How do we know our baby has reached the teething phase?

When little ones reach their teething stage, some signs to notice could be, drooling, constant irritation or being cranky, sore gums, or even running a mild fever. 

Why do babies need teethers?

For teething babies, biting on things is a way to explore the world around them and reduce the pain in their swollen gums. Teether toys are good to have as they give little ones something to play with, bite, and explore. The best time to play with teethers is between 4 to 10 months old. 

In our experience as parents, here are 9 of the best teether brands you can look at for your little ones in 2022:


Beaba Baby Teether

Beaba Silicone Teething Ring: As the name suggests, it is ring shaped teether that helps in soothing little ones’ gums and promotes tooth development. It is designed with a supple and resistant material to comfort babies. It’s easy for babies to hold and safe as it does not contain any liquid.  You can store it in the fridge as well in case babies are in severe pain and can be hand washed with soapy water. Easy, aesthetic and comforting! What more do we need?


Sophie La Girafe Teether

Sophie La Girafe: One of the classic teethers with a legacy to match, Sophie La Girafe is made from 100% natural rubber and is still "traditionally" produced for more than 60 years. Adorable and toxic-free, Sophie La Girafe can be the baby's first teether toy stimulating each of their senses.


Oli and Carol Teether

Oli and Carol: All the way from Morocco, Oli and Carol are here to sooth your little ones’ gums and stimulate sensory development. They come in the form of fruits and vegetables, with beautiful designs, made with 100% rubber from Hevea trees, and can be used as a baby's teether, bath toy, and sensory toy. The teethers can also be used to promote healthy eating habits in little ones from an early age and they are made with one piece with no holes. Hence, avoids the creation of bacteria inside. To clean, they can be wiped with a cloth and should be avoided keeping in the fridge. They come in different fruits and veggies like spinach, carrot, banana, turnip, etc


Bumkins teether

Bumkins: Bumkins has a range of silicone teethers of beautiful colours that are bacteria resistant and can be dishwashed or boiled to sterilize. Most of the teethers have an inner ring for easy grasp. They have bumps and texture to relieve sore gums. Can also be kept in the refrigerator for extra relief 


Green Sprouts teethers

Green Sprouts: Green Sprouts have a variety of teether toys for little ones. They have cooling teethers with multiple textures and bumps that can be kept in the refrigerator and used by little ones to give a cooling effect to their aching gums, muslin snuggle blankie teethers, and silicone teethers to soothe their gums, play with,  and promote sensory stimulation 


Tikiri Teether

Tikiri: The first ever organic rubber toy company to be awarded GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). They are handmade, eco-friendly, and biodegradable baby teethers. They are plastic free and made of pure rubber. They are designed to  delight, comfort and promote infant development.   


Little Rawr Teether

Little Rawr: Little Rawr has a variety of teething toys in silicone as well as wood for your little ones. They are aesthetically designed in pastel colours to help babies soothe their aching gums.  Their natural material brings safe use, is secure for chewing, meets all your kid's requirements of food grade, promotes progress of a grasping reflex. As a traditional material, wooden teether toys and soft Silicone teethers don’t attract dust. Helps your baby focus while nursing or stay happy.


Zoli Teether

ZoLi: A range of soft teethers that includes Paci teethers as well, which is pacifier + teether made with thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene safe materials that are BPA and phthalate free. They are orthodontic shaped, ergonomic, fun handles with multiple teething surfaces and includes two teethers per pack. 


Brush Baby teether

Brush Baby: To start early stage teething. Soothe and massage your little ones’ gums with the Frontease Teether. They are perfectly shaped to fit the front teething gums, have a removable cap to maintain hygiene, and a soft silicone biting nobbled top. They also have a loop for a soother clip. Can be steam sterilized or put in a dishwasher to clean. 

Who’s ready for some teething fun with a lot of soothing and happy gurgles? Your baby, that's who!

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