Best Educational Wooden Toys for Babies (1 to 4 years old)

Best Educational Wooden Toys for Babies (1 to 4 years old) 

When it comes to child development, toys and play go hand in hand. Play is a child’s work. Playing is what they do. When adults require specific tools to work, we look for the best quality, sturdy, safe to work with and long-lasting tools. The same goes for toys as well, in fact, more. Toys are children’s tools. They help in shaping and building our little ones’ skills. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right toys for holistic development. 

With a variety of toys to choose from, it may often get confusing or overwhelming for us as to what toys are best suitable for our little ones. Introducing educational toys at an early stage of a child's developmental years is seen to enhance their imagination, social skills and provide an overall development.

Children are amazing observers and fast learners. Therefore, it is up to us on how to mold them. Starting early can result in a much better and brighter future. Educational toys need not be alphabets or numbers, kids can learn a lot from simple colourful blocks. These toys are designed in a way that we wouldn’t be able to realise our kids are learning because of the fun they have. The purpose of these toys is to promote learning through playing.

Wooden toys are comparatively more environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable in nature. They are durable and smooth with rounded edges. Therefore, kids taking the wooden blocks in their mouths need not be of concern as the paint used on them is chemical free and non-toxic. Wooden toys equal tension free and safe play.

Here are a few Wooden Educational toys in our experience as parents you should definitely invest in:


3D Shape Builder: For 12+ Months

As the name suggests 3D Shape Builder is a stacking toy where little ones learn to stack to form shapes. The toy also comes with a manual where children can make different 3D patterns using the colourful blocks and play around. It is great for upping their creativity along with fine motor, coordination and problem-solving skills. Checkout 3D Shape Builder here

Multi Shape Sorting Board: For 1+ Years

The Multi Shape Sorting Board is a sorting board where little ones learn to differentiate between different shapes, colours, and sizes. Kids have to place the shapes in the right slots. With 20 wooden blocks of different shape, colour and size, the possibilities of activities just increase. This toy is great for concentration, and cause and effect skills. Click here to shop the Multi Shape Sorting Board


Shape Maze Board: For 2+ Years 

The Shape Maze Board is great for encouraging logical thinking. As the name suggests, this is a maze where the task is to move the shapes to their respective slots. It has many levels so as your little one grows so does the difficulty level. The toy promotes concentration and encourages children to think since they have to focus and solve the maze. It also strengthens their fingers and wrists. Click here to explore The Shape Maze Board


Colour Sorter Activity Board: For 18+ Months

The Colour Sorter Activity Board is perfect for fine motor development. It has 9 sets of discs and nuts of different colours for little ones to sort and arrange. This toy promotes hand-eye coordination, concentration, and manual dexterity. Checkout the Colour Sorter Activity Board here

Spic and Span Set: For 2+ Years

Spic and Span Set is a perfect pretend play/ educational toy for our little helpers. Toddlers love to clean and therefore, a mini cleaning set designed just for them would be a perfect set to include in their toy collection. The spic and set will help in building important life skills and inculcate cleanliness habits. The toy is perfect for developing gross motor skills, coordination and creativity. To shop the Spic and Span Set click here

These toys are designed to help little ones understand the cause and effect of things like figuring out how a toy works after trial and error and guidance. This will help in building their confidence. It’s time to learn #ThePlayWay

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