Best Wooden Toys For Your Kids - Top 10 Brands

Best Wooden Toys For Kids

Best Wooden Toys For Your Kids - Top 10 Brands

If you’re a new parent and are on the search for early childhood toys that use as little plastic and synthetic materials as possible and are sturdy in built, wooden toys are the best investment. Wooden toys are durable enough to be passed on for generations and are designed in a way that inspires imaginative free play while fostering learning. It is the best alternative to flashy lights, constant battery replacement and loud music that is a part of almost every plastic toy that is available in the market. Wooden toys are also not age bound and their usage evolves and grows with your child, making them a preferred choice over plastic toys. 

From wooden puzzles, to basic fruits and vegetables to pretend play setups to building blocks, there is something for every child at every age. While at first wooden toys may cost more than their readily available plastic counterparts, in the long run their durability combined with their versatility makes it more economical. Here are the top 10 brands in India for wooden toys that you can buy for your little one - 


1. Brainsmith - Intelligence and sharp brains are an output of constant stimulation and opportunity. Brainsmith, designs and delivers toys and tools for young children that provide innumerable opportunities for brain stimulation, growth and development. Their solutions for an enriching childhood are based on every child's most favourite to do - play. Brainsmith’s learning resources include their iconic Flashcards, superior quality wooden toys, real life-like sounding musical sets and enriching Storybooks which are joyous to engage with for children, parents and educators too.

Ariro Toys

2. Ariro Toys - Ariro Toys are hand-crafted by artisans of India, ensuring a good livelihood for them and their Families. They have a range of purposeful and eco-friendly toys designed by Montessori experts based on the milestones every child crosses. Ariro has a vast range of pretend play and open ended toys, Jungle gyms, baby floor gyms, teethers, Pikler triangle, wooden books, rattles and much more. 

Plan Toys

3. Plan Toys - Plan Toys prioritises sustainability and child development while designing their toys. With their main focus on child safety and age milestones during ideation and production, their wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development in children. They have a range of mini toys as well as age appropriate toys for babies and toddlers. Their range of musical toys, pretend play toys, wooden blocks and puzzles is quite extensive too.


4. Lovevery - Lovevery is an award-winning brand that offers Montessori-inspired toys and subscription boxes for babies and toddlers. Designed by child development experts and sustainably-made, their subscription based play kits are an ideal choice for parents. In the play kits they include toys for curious babies and tools for busy parents too.


5. Tegu - Tegu’s classic wooden magnetic building blocks come with no instruction manuals or electronics, just toys that inspire limitless creativity across all ages. They are brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toys that will last for generations. The unique feature of Tegu blocks is that all their blocks are designed to work together.


6. Grimms -  Grimms produces natural, high quality and safe wooden toys made to officially certified standards. Their products are developed based on the principles of Waldorf education and other educational approaches, such as Montessori. Grimms fosters play, imagination and creativity. The possibilities are endless with their open-ended toys. 

Manhattan Toys

7. Manhattan Toys - Manhattan Toys brings a new perspective in terms of design and originality to classic, wood toys. The beauty and durability of their wood toys, along with their commitment to design safe and sustainable toys, ensures that a wood toy from Manhattan Toy will become a treasured favourite of your child. 


8. Hape - Hape as a brand designs toys with a desire to create happiness for children around the world and has become a world-leading brand in the design and manufacture of high quality baby and children's toys made from sustainable materials. Hape's range features over 20 categories covering STEAM toys, learning toys, instrument toys, role play, outdoor toys and many others - providing a plethora of choices for free play and learning.

Melissa and Doug

9. Melissa and Doug - Melisaa and Doug are synonymous with designing timeless toys with endless possibilities. From classic wooden toys, puzzles, to realistic pretend play sets, Melissa & Doug products spark creative thinking through hands-on open-ended play! They make well-crafted quality toys that can be passed down for generations to come.

Lilly and River

10. Lilly and River - Lily & River designs all-natural activity and sensory toys that encourage active, happy, and smart playtime for young children. They have a range of Climbing furniture, balancing toys and learning games to keep your little ones occupied constructively for hours.

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