Create Mementos of Baby Milestones

Create Mementos of Baby MilestonesCreate Mementos of Baby Milestones

As a mother there is nothing more precious than capturing and reliving your baby’s most cherished moments through pictures, trinkets and momentos. My daughter is four and I still cherish her first shoes, her first lock of hair, hold her baby blanket close and breathe in memories of our sleepless nights together. Each moment spent with your little one as they grow older becomes so much more precious as it's a reminder of your journey together, a reminder of some of the most important moments you shared together. This journey with your little one begins even before you hear their first cry, it is the first time you laid eyes on their tiny little hands and legs doing a special dance in your womb, it is documenting the exact moment you felt their first kick, it is the reaction of your spouse when you first announced their arrival. To make sure every step of your journey with your child is preserved and cherished, the following products are a must-have for every expecting mother and make for perfect gifts for new mothers too.

Pregnancy Journals & Baby Books

Make sure to capture every special moment of your pregnancy and your baby’s initial years with a pregnancy journal and a baby book. From announcing the special news to the big arrival, pregnancy journals include pages to highlight and preserve each of these moments. Capture and document the big announcement, reactions of grandparents-to-be, your first doctor's visit, the three trimesters, the planning for the big arrival and finally the moment that you have waited for nine months. Pregnancy journals ensure that you never forget a moment of the most wonderful journey you embark on. You can shop for Pearhead’s pregnancy journal here which will ensure that you can relive all your precious moments every time you flip through its pages. Baby books on the other hand ensure that you document and preserve all of your baby’s precious moments for generations to come. Fill in every tiny detail, from the moment you found out you were going to be a parent to all of your baby’s firsts and more, a baby book is truly a little time capsule. You can shop for Pearhead’s baby book here which even comes with a clean-touch ink pad to display your little one’s tiny print on the cover.

Milestone Picture Props

In today's digital age we as parents are not restricted by camera reels and the minute you have a baby you are bound to have albums full of their videos and pictures on your smartphones. Of all the pictures the ones that really take you down memory lane are milestone pictures. Their first smile, their first gurgle, their monthly pictures, the first time they slept through the night. What makes these pictures even more adorable are apt photography props like milestone blocks, milestone props, photo blankets, monthly chalkboards and even a letterboard for the more customized and special milestones. All these amazing photo props by Pearhead are now available at and are bound to make each memory of your little one a tad bit more special.


As a new mother I had spent hours holding my newborn child's hands in mine and marveling at how tiny and perfect her every finger and toe was. Capture your baby girl or baby boy’s tiny handprints or footprints and cherish them year after year by framing their impressions with clean touch ink or framing a 3D model of the same. Adorn your nursery with aesthetic frames capturing their most adorable pictures with clean touch ink, 3D or clay impressions of their hands and feet that are bound to take you down memory lane everytime you look at them.

One crucial tip for any expecting mother or a mum to a new born baby would be that while you are living and cherishing each moment with your little one, don't forget to document all their milestones and save their little trinkets because it's the little things that are precious. Pearhead collection is now exclusively available at!

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