Diapering 101: A simple guide to Newborn Diaper Duty

Diapers for Newborns: All you need to know

Dearest new parents, there are a few tasks in this world that we believe could be done with a snap of a finger, however when time comes to do the deed, doubts start creeping in!

Consider diapering a newborn for the first few days with a similar ‘looks-easy-until-you-do-it’ conundrum.

Just a little understanding and practice; might we add, of which you will have ample of o-POO-rtunities to do so – and you’re good to go. So, let’s begin with queries new parents stumble upon.

How many Diapers in a day does a newborn need?
A newborn is estimated to use up to 10 diapers in a day, so DO NOT leave diapers for last-minute shopping. Whether you are at home or out traveling, keep a steady flow for a steady flow. 

Which style of Diapers should a newborn wear?
There are generally 2 styles of diapers – the Tape style and the Pant style. Go for the tape style diapers, which usually is a good choice for a newborn as they are not as active and wriggly like they would be when they are a toddler. 

Which type of Diaper should a newborn wear?
Yes, there’s a difference between style and type. From eco-friendly to cloth to disposable diapers, there are several types of diapers. The right type of diaper is the one that suits not just your baby, but also fits your needs and ability. A little research, along with a little trial and error and your baby’s cues, will lead you to the right diaper for your baby. 

How to pick the right size of diaper?
It is a little unconventional, but most mothers will agree that you should always get a diaper that is one size bigger for your baby. For instance, if the baby is 7.5 kgs, it's better to buy a diaper meant for the baby of 8 kgs. It ensures proper breathability and free movement for them. 

Time to zero-in the diaper!
Once all the above queries are resolved, we move on to the final step – purchasing the finalized diapers, along with essentials for a successful nappy duty! From gentle wipes to effective diaper creams and more, explore the diaper essentials required so you can shop and store them as per your and the baby’s need.

Now that the basics are covered, here’s a graphic step-by-step representation of how to put a diaper on a baby. It’s as easy as these 4 steps!

Steps to put Diaper on a Baby

Isn’t that easy? Now to get Mom, Dad and the baby in the diapering groove, ensure to:

Keep Track
As silly as it sounds, it actually is very useful to keep a tab of how many times the baby has dirtied the diaper, especially mark details when it’s a bit unusual than regular times. In a way, it helps you keep track of their health and a great way to keep your pediatrician informed who will probably ask how many diapers your baby goes through in a day, so you’re going to want to keep track.

Follow a routine
Stick to the basics. The standard routine generally looks like this: Unsnap onesie. Undo diaper. Wipe excess away using a diaper. Clean with wet wipe. Wrap all in diapers and dispose. Apply cream. Install a new diaper and reclothe…and repeat!

And, that’s a snug wrap! We hope this blog will help you in your diapering journey, especially your delicate little one. We know you have got this!

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