Guide to Buying the Right Baby Stroller


When a baby is on its way, parents usually tend to get busy with everything around feeding, nursery and hygiene. Another baby essential that needs a similar level of attention and time to research is a baby stroller to invest in, because mobility with the baby will be necessary almost as soon as they are born. 

Before going in for the best brands of baby strollers, what one needs to decide upon is the type of baby stroller to go for, which is dependent on several factors like cost, quality, family, lifestyle and more.

  1. Lifestyle: Are you a city dweller or live in the suburbs? Will you be traveling a lot with your baby? Would your vehicle be able to accommodate the stroller? Think of such situations which will help you derive the requirements your stroller will need to fulfil.

  2. Family: The family construct can have a heavy influence on the choice of the baby stroller. In case you plan to have another child soon or already have a toddler, you can decide on a stroller that can comfortably carry both the children.

  3. Price: The cost of strollers varies as it depends on its quality, accessories and ad-on, ability to manoeuvre, suspension, adaptability and multi-purpose function among a multitude of other features. While a couple carry price tags that may surprise new parents, consider it an investment as one will be able to use a single stroller from birth to toddlerhood, depending on the type of stroller one buys.

<h2>Here’s a quick list of the 4 major types of baby strollers you will come across:</h2>

  1. The All-purpose stroller
  2. Lightweight stroller
  3. Double stroller
  4. Travel adaptive strollers

<h2>Let’s dig deeper and understand what these stroller types have to offer -  </h2>

1. The All-purpose stroller: 

Just as the name suggests, the all-purpose stroller is a trusty buggy meant for strolls around the block or for a whole day out with the little one. 

Pros: Wide and comfortable, roomy storage space, reclining seat, super sturdy

Cons: Comparatively bulkier and heavier
You can check an example of an all-purpose stroller here.

2. Lightweight stroller:

The lightweight, compact stroller has become a popular choice among new parents these days. Minus the extras, only the absolute essentials for a stroller. Do not let the weight mislead you; the lightweight strollers can take on a good weight. 

Pros: Designed for portability, usually foldable, and can snugly fit in tight spaces

Cons: Not suitable for a newborn unless a bassinet can be added.

You can check an example of a lightweight compact stroller here.


3. Double stroller:

Perfect for families with twins or are planning to have another one soon, the double stroller is an excellent solution. It is available in tandem and side-by-side seating arrangement.

Pros: Be mobile with multiple kids, ample storage space

Cons: Obviously bulky, difficulty to fit in
You can check an example of a double stroller here.

4. Travel adaptive stroller:

These strollers are formed from connecting an infant car seat with the chassis of a stroller.

Pros: Move the sleeping baby without waking them up, no need to purchase a separate car seat

Cons: Baby will outgrow infant car seat soon
You can check an example of a travel adaptive stroller here.

<h2>Other points to look out for in a stroller:</h2>

  • Fit for a newborn: If you are buying a stroller for a newborn, ensure it keeps the head and neck of the baby steady and secure, and is comfortable for its use. Not all strollers are made for a newborn, but for babies 6+ months onward
  • Storage: A dedicated area of storage within the stroller’s chassis can be God-send! When one can get a little hand in safely storing essentials like the baby changing bag, without having to lug it around town
  • Safety features: Ensure all the basic safety features are available in any kind of stroller 

An adventure, an impromptu trip or a leisurely stroll at the park, the stroller you choose makes mobility with baby possible the way you like it! We hope this blog makes it easier for you. 

Next stop – purchasing the best stroller that suits your requirements. No need to whip out your notepads and pens for research, just head to our blog for a quick list of best baby stroller brands

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