How to Select the Right Diaper Bag

How to select the right diaper bag

How to Select the Right Diaper Bag

Once you become a parent, who is your constant companion when heading out? Apart from your little one, obviously! ;) It’s probably the diaper bag, would you agree? 

As you become a parent, the diaper bag probably becomes the most important accessory. An accessory you can never leave without. You can forget your wallet at times but the diaper bag? God no! Diaper bags are a must have for new parents. It’s a no-brainer that babies need a lot of stuff. So much for a tiny person, huh? Wherever you go, you require bottles, diaper change, toiletries and what not. Hence, we got to find a perfect bag that fits them all.


How to select the Right Diaper Bag for you?

There are a variety of diaper bags in the market now to suit parents’ preferences and in our experience as parents, there are the top 4 things to consider when looking for a diaper bag: 

  1. Good amount of space to fit all the products easily
  2. Something that’s easy to clean or even machine washable as there is a high chance of the bag staining
  3. Make sure it is comfortable to carry when full
  4. Pockets or allotted slots for products like bottles so that it is easy to find things quickly

Preferences can differ from parent to parent. Which is why there also exists different types and styles of diaper bags now like the backpack style, messenger style, tote style, minimalist, etc.


Need for a good diaper bag?

Now, with so many options how do we choose the perfect diaper bag?

While choosing, we first need to figure out the kind of purpose we want the bag to serve. Is it going to be travel friendly, do you prefer backpack style or sling style? If you’re a city dweller and are usually strolling your baby then the backpack style could be the comfortable choice. If you have twins or planning for a second kid then a bag with more space would be right.

Here are a few suggestions of diaper bags you can choose from:

Sydney II Changing Bag by Beaba 
Sydney II Changing Bag by Beaba: This Beaba nursing bag features a cocoon changing space with adapted length for comfortable shoulder carrying. It has a wide opening for easy access and quick storage. It has multiple storage compartments for baby’s and parent accessories. The bag can be hand washed with a damp sponge and the changing mat can be machine washed at 30°C. Click here to shop Beaba’s Sydney II Changing Bag


Wellington Bag by Beaba
Wellington Bag by Beaba:
This bag is designed to make outing easy as it can be carried as a backpack. It has a wide opening, easy to use with padded straps for comfortable carrying. It comes with an Isothermal pouch, changing mat, stroller straps, and suitcase trolley flap. One can easily clean this bag with a damp cloth and air dry it. Also, it comes in gender neutral colours! Hence, making it easier and comfortable for both mum and dad to carry. Click here to shop Beaba’s Wellington Bag


Vancouver Nursery Backpack by Beaba
Vancouver Nursery Backpack by Beaba:
This is a large sized bag yet not too bulky. It has plenty of internal and external storage/ pockets for baby care essentials. It can conveniently be broadcasted on a suitcase with a retractable handle. The bag comes with an Isothermal pouch to keep the food hot/cold, a changing mat, universal hooks for stroller, and a care bag with waterproof lining. This is a backpack style bag for parents to comfortably stroll with their little ones. Click here to shop Beaba’s Vancouver Nursery Backpack


 Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip Hop
Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip Hop:
This bag has a zip top, consists of a tech pocket for easy access, shuttle clips that easily convert the bag from shoulder bag to a stroller bag. It also has Grab handles with adjustable shoulder straps. Can also hold tablets and laptops upto 15”. Click here to shop Skip Hop’s Duo Signature Diaper Bag


Forma Backpack Diaper Bag by Skip Hop
Forma Backpack Diaper Bag by Skip Hop:
This is a lightweight quilted backpack with special packing cubes for baby essentials, has extra storage in the front. The changing pad pocket performs double-duty, acting as a laptop holder when traveling. It has an extra wide dual zip opening for easy and quick access. Later on can be used as a laptop/ travel bag as well!

Click here to shop Skip Hop’s Forma Backpack Diaper Bag


Who knew Diaper Bags are the new Style Statement? With a variety of options available, every parent wants comfort, storage, and style. And we’re here to help you find all three!  

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