Masoom Minawala’s Babylist in 2024


Masoom Minawala’s Babylist 2024What is Masoom Minawala’s Babylist?

A Peek Into The Collection For Parents On-The-Go!

Masoom Minawala is known for her impeccable sense of style and her fashion influence.

Over her years of success, she has received well-deserved praise, not only as an influencer but also as an entrepreneur, and recently, as a loving and doting mother to her toddler.

She is dedicated to her journey as a working parent, has collaborated with us, and has shared our vision of making parenting a breeze for the modern parent. Over time, Masoom has curated a collection on AllThingsBaby - Masoom Minawala’s Babylist, which reflects her journey as a traveler and a parent. This collection has garnered quite the intrigue and interest of many on our social media. 

So why not list it for you, all in one place!

Let's take a peek at Masoom's baby list that features essentials in feeding, travel gear, and diapering.


Masoom Minawala recommended Feeding Essentials 2024

Masoom Minawala recommended Baby Feeding Essentials 2024

Being an on-the-go parent, while also introducing her little one to the world of flavors, Masoom brings forth a selection that seamlessly combines functionality and style, while also focusing on development. The feeding essentials in her bag range from oral development tools and a teether, which are tried, tested, and trusted, to bibs that double up as aprons, to keep the mess at a minimum while your little one explores textures and tastes. Despite her busy schedule, she prefers to prep her baby meals herself, and our range of warmers and cookers. These make food prep a breeze! From innovative designs to ergonomic accessories, the collection prioritizes both you and your baby’s needs, ensuring convenience without ever compromising quality.


Masoom Minawala recommended Baby Travel Essentials 2024

Masoom Minawala recommended Baby Travel Essentials 2024

Masoom's travel gear collection is a game-changer for parents who, like her, are mostly on the move. Her picks are convenient and travel-compatible, and mirror her personality as the smart, fashionable, and resourceful mother of today! A stroller that is compatible with major airline guidelines, an efficient and comfortable baby carrier, and travel-friendly accessories etc. 

These choicest picks are here to make journeys with a little one enjoyable, rather than just manageable. Just like AllThingsBaby, Masoom resonates with the importance of reliable travel gear for parents who refuse to be slowed down. However, this collection is not just limited to functionality. It is sprinkled with a dash of fashion - with a stylish and multipurpose Mommy Bag, that you can carry the world in! It houses everything your baby needs, including a personal, diaper changing station…

Masoom Minawala recommended Baby Diapering Essentials 2024

Masoom Minawala recommended Baby Diapering Essentials 2024

… Bringing us straight to our next category. When it comes to choosing a diaper and diapering essentials, Masoom emphasizes the significance of choosing the right products, for one reason only - comfort, for the baby and the parent! Her favorite picks are our high-quality diapers that are free from harmful chemicals, relieve your stress about constant changing with a wetness indicator. They don’t just care for your baby, but also the Mother Earth by being sustainable and environment friendly! Be it daily life, or vacation, our range of swim diapers and rash cream allows for fun times with safety for the baby. The aforementioned range of practical, fashionable, and convenient diaper bags allow parents to realize that not all parenting accessories need to be colorless and boring!

By combining style, functionality, and safety, Masoom has created a range of essentials that resonate with YOU - parents who navigate the challenges and enjoy the excitement of raising a child in a contemporary world that is ever-evolving.

Follow Masoom Minawala’s adventures with AllThingsBaby, and witness our collaboration in action on our YouTube Channel. Do subscribe to learn more about our iconic, parent-favorite products through more engaging content, valuable insights, and personal recommendations.

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