Maternity Pads - An Essential For A New Mother

Maternity Pads - An Essential For A New Mother

Maternity Pads - An Essential For A New Mother

While most hospital bag essential lists cover all of the baby’s needs to the tee, it is the mother’s need that is often overlooked. And one thing that should ideally top the list of essentials for a mother, post partum, are maternity pads. While most hospitals do take care of this and provide you with maternity pads or adult diapers, you are left totally unprepared once you reach home. After giving birth, a mother experiences postpartum bleeding for 6-8 weeks all the while taking care of her new born child and dealing with a myriad of emotions. Maternity pads just ensure that they help absorb the heavier flow while still keeping a new mother comfortable and secure while she recovers from childbirth.

Bleeding After Birth? 

Once you have given birth, whether it is a caesarean birth or vaginal birth, you will have vaginal bleeding which is known as lochia. The lochia is a combination of blood, mucus, uterine tissue and other materials that is discharged post birth which is very different from your regular menstrual cycle. While a few clots are normal, passing a lot of large clots could be a sign of something more serious. Along with clots, another thing that every mother should lookout for is the smell. Lochia has a distinct odour, similar to menstruation but if your lochia smells differently or you start shivering and get fever, that could be a sign of an infection and you should speak to your doctor at the earliest. Bleeding after birth usually starts off as heavy and red or brownish red and then as time progresses it becomes lighter in colour and the flow reduces too.

What are Maternity Pads?

Maternity pads are more absorbent, thicker and far more comfortable than regular menstrual pads. Better absorbency, longer length and wider width, ensure that there is no leaking and keep the mother comfortable and secure. Since a mother is already going through a lot of changes physically and emotionally, hygiene and comfort at this stage is not something she should take lightly which is why maternity pads are a preferred choice. Postpartum or Maternity pads are also useful during labour, since these pads can be used while going to the hospital to prevent leaks if their water breaks. 

Maternity Pads vs Sanitary Napkins

On an average a maternity pad is twice as absorbent as compared to a regular sanitary napkin and is also far more softer and gentle on the skin. These factors play a very important role in the first few weeks after delivery since the mother is still recovering from childbirth and if the mother has had a vaginal delivery then her episiotomy stitches are healing too. Postpartum bleeding is the heaviest only for the initial week or two post which a mum can opt to go back to using regular sanitary pads if she's comfortable. On an average a new mother would need about 2-3 packets of Maternity Pads each with about 10-15 pads in each. In the initial weeks, you may have to use a fresh pad every few hours but over a period of time the bleeding reduces so does the usage of Maternity Pads.

Abena Maternity Pads

Things to keep in mind while choosing Maternity Pads

Post Child-birth, postpartum bleeding is heavy and not very comfortable for the mother. To ensure that the mother is comfortable and secure while looking after her baby and healing from childbirth, a mother needs to choose maternity pads that are gentle and supportive. After giving birth the vaginal skin is far more sensitive and if the mother has had stitches, it’s even more crucial that you choose a maternity pad that is soft and gentle and doesn't cause any roughness or irritation against the healing cut. The maternity pads a mother chooses should be breathable and absorbent allowing for proper air circulation in the vaginal area and keeping the area dry so as to prevent the risk of infections and aid in the healing process. A brand that a lot of mothers have used and trust is Abena that is easily available here.

Maternity Pads today are a crucial aid for a new mother so that she is comfortable and secure while caring for her newborn baby and ensuring that she can give her child her undivided attention while she is healing too.

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