The All Things Baby Nursery - All You Need to Know!

All Things Baby Nursery

All Things Baby Nursery

As a new parent or Parent-To-Be it is very common to feel overwhelmed by the long baby checklist you would need for your child and the plethora of brands available for each category. For the uninitiated, webstore houses the best-in-class, iconic international and Indian brands across categories, which is delivered pan-India to take care of every discerning parent’s needs with ease. However, there are parents who would also want to touch and feel the products before their decision to purchase. Taking the All Things Baby experience a notch higher, we have recently set up a nursery at our Mumbai Headquarters, a dedicated space for our clients to personally come and view and experience our plethora of international baby brands, first-hand. It's been set up at a centrally located space which has been turned into a life-like nursery for parents to envision and take inspiration from the space to maybe design their own. 

From hygiene to playtime to feeding, we have displayed the essentials that a parent would need in their parenting journey right from the time they would get their baby home. Parents can now experience how these amazing baby products function, compare between their preferences and even have all their questions answered by our in-house personal shopper, who will be present during your visit. Visits to the nursery are by appointment only, wherein each parent who walks in can explore the nursery at their pace. The idea of the nursery is for parents to drop in to the nursery for a coffee and conversation, which is beyond just shopping for their baby by making it a comfortable and personal experience. Prior to booking an appointment with us to visit the All Things Baby Nursery, you can also specify the brands or products you are particularly interested in and would like to view from our brand catalog. The same will be arranged during the visit. The nursery is currently open for visits only over the weekend. Once scheduled, you shall receive an appointment confirmation call within 2 working days from our team and can indulge in shopping for your baby in the comfort of your privacy and pace.

In today's day and age we know just how precious your time is when you are planning and shopping for your child and we are aware of just how overwhelming the choices and product can be! So rather than spending countless hours going around town checking out everything in the marketplace, let us guide you in picking the most suitable products that are best suited to your specific needs. All you need to do is book your appointment and walk into the nursery knowing that every single query and concern will be taken care of. We at All Things Baby are here to make life easier as much as possible for new parents!  

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