Top 5 Developmental Toys for 6-month-old Babies


Babies' development during the first year can be both delightful and stressful. With all the giggles, comes the crying, fussing, and the seemingly never-ending diaper changes. During their 6th month they start to explore the world a little more. This is also the month when they start their journey of solid foods, if they haven’t already. They also start sitting better and maybe get their first tooth as well. 


A 6-month-old baby is extremely aware and curious, and so starts interacting with the world around them. Therefore, giving them toys to enhance their curiosity and engagement will be beneficial. Developmental toys also help little ones achieve their milestones and learn important skills. 


Here are the top 5 developmental toys for kids we recommend to parents that might help your 6-month-old:


1. New born Cards

The first developmental toy is the New Born Cards. New born cards are high contrast black and white flashcards used to stimulate babies’ visual pathways. At birth, babies’ eyesight is not completely developed. Their vision is very blurry and they might not be able to see the pastel-coloured toys or other objects. The black and white cards are probably the first they’re able to see which is why when they look at the cards, they get excited and get busy. Click here to check out the range of the Newborn Cards

2. Kendall The Kale Rubber Teether

The second developmental toy is the Rubber tether. This is a veggie shaped teether for little ones to stimulate their senses and soothe their gums. It has a realistic texture that will help in developing the little one’s sense of touch. Click here to check out the Teether

3. Rattles

The third developmental toy is a rattler. Musical rattles like the handbell, cage bell, etc. are percussion instruments that are perfectly sized for little hands. Little ones can hold the rattle and shake to produce soothing tunes. With these percussion toys, little ones would improve their auditory, cause and effect, and fine motor skills. They will also begin to understand coordination. To explore a range of musical toys, click here.

4. Egg Shakers

The fourth developmental toy is the Egg Shaker. The Egg shakers are, as the name suggests, two little eggs for little ones to play with and have fun. They help in building auditory and fine motor skills. Little ones can shake the eggs to produce soothing tunes and roll them on the food and crawl (for when they start crawling) to get them. This will lead to gross motor skills development. See the little egg shakers here


5. Quantum Cards

The fifth developmental toy are Quantum cards. Quantum Cards are colourful and interactive flashcards for kids to stimulate auditory and visual pathways and boost brain development in toddlers and children. They are large in size to engage little ones in playful activities. Quantum Cards can be used from 6 months to upto 8 years. They have large hand illustrated images at the front and child friendly information about the object at the back. Explore the range of different Quantum Cards here.

It’s never too early to start. Early childhood education can in fact start during pregnancy! Though it might sometimes seem confusing as to their development, providing our babies with simple resources will definitely go a long way. Learning through play equals Happy Babies!

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