Top 5 Things New Parents Need for this Winter Holiday

Top 5 things new parents need for this Winter Holiday

Holiday Check-list for your winter break

Travelling with your little one is a whole different ball game and especially if you are travelling to a new destination where you haven't experienced that weather condition before. The key to truly enjoying your winter vacation is to be well prepared with baby gear and essentials for the cold weather. We have put together a comprehensive list of winter essentials that will help packing a tad bit simpler, while this is primarily a travel list it can also be used as a reference for winter must-haves while stepping outside or even keeping them warm when in the house. 

1. Warm Base Layers and Outer Layers - Layering is key while dressing your little one for your winter holiday. Wool is the ideal base layer for keeping a baby warm because it’s soft, warm, breathable and absorbent. Base layers can be added or skipped depending on how cold the place you are travelling to is and since they are very light in weight they are ideal to pack for your winter break. For the outer layers you can pick from light jackets to heavier fleece lined ones depending on the temperature of the place you are travelling to. Outer layers can also include knit jumpers that are not only warm but also look super stylish. 

2. Socks, Gloves, Cap and Shoes - Warm socks can be worn directly or even on top of regular socks that your little one wears to keep them warm. Additionally gloves are a great add on if the temperature drops further. Another winter essential for your travel are winter caps that cover your little one’s ear keeping them snug and warm. Fleece lined shoes for your little ones are a great way to ensure that their feet stay nice and warm throughout your travel.

3. Medicines & Moisturisers - Regardless of the season you are travelling in, keeping your little ones medicines at hand is the best way to ensure your travels are stress free. Always speak to your Paediatrician and get a holiday prescription which includes medicines that you would need just in case your child is unwell on your holidays. Another must have is a good moisturiser specially during the winter months that ensures that your child's skin is nourished and supple. The Nourishing Lotion With Cold Cream by Mustella protects the surface of your baby's skin against environmental conditions, while also acting on the deeper layers of the skin to keep it healthy.

4. Winter Snacks - While travelling with your little one it is always good to have child-friendly snacks on hand. Snacks like nuts, Ragi & Jaggery Ladoos, Eggs not keep your little ones well nourished and satiated but are also great for boosting their immunity and keeping them warm. You can choose from a wide variety of snack boxes and food containers that are travel friendly and very convenient for on the go snacking and meal time.

5. Swaddles & Warm Blankets - Swaddling your little one works wonders during the winter months especially when you’re travelling and it's a new environment for your little one since it's an added layer of warmth while your baby sleeps snuggly. Masilo’s bamboo muslin swaddle cloths are bound to make your baby’s sleep comfortable. Another winter travel essential are warm cosy blankets and Namely Co’s bespoke personalised blankets and Malabar Baby’s Organic Snug Blankets are just what your baby needs to sleep snuggly this winter holiday. 

While these are all winter specific travel essentials you can also refer to our blog on Best Travel Accessories for your baby to ensure you are well prepared for your winter holidays.

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