What is Kangaroo Care? (skin-to-skin contact)

What is Kangaroo Care? (skin-to-skin contact)

What is Kangaroo Care? (Skin-to-Skin Contact)

The Benefits Of Skin-to-Skin Contact

Real talk here; parenthood is a journey filled with a few ups and downs, but has moments that touch our hearts in profound ways. One such moment is skin-to-skin contact; the core of forming a bond with your baby. But the title says Kangaroo Care. Intrigued? There’s more! 

Let's dive deeper into the remarkable benefits it brings to both parents and babies and discuss the involvement of baby carriers in ensuring skin-to-skin contact.

Kangaroo Care: The What and How

Kangaroo Care is a term for skin-to-skin sessions for low birth weight babies, or babies born preterm, who have to be in the incubator. But now, Kangaroo Care is a recommended practice for ALL babies due to the studies showing the fantastic impact it has created. The studies show the benefit of Kangaroo Care therapy and what works for the premies is something every baby (and parent!) should have the pleasure to benefit from. It helps regulate your baby’s body temperature, stabilize their heart rate, and promote healthy weight gain. The closeness to their parent's heartbeat provides a sense of security and comfort, soothing them during times of stress or discomfort.


However, the benefits extend beyond the physical aspect. Skin-to-skin contact has been shown to enhance brain development, improve breastfeeding success, and strengthen the parent-child bond. It fosters a sense of trust and security, laying the foundation for a lifetime of love and connection. 

For parents, Kangaroo Care is equally rewarding. It allows them to feel more confident and connected to their baby, fostering a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. The act of holding their little one close promotes relaxation and reduces stress, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment for both parent and child. Want to get started?

Getting Started With Kangaroo Care

To get started, dress comfortably in attire that allows easy access to your chest. Then, gently place your baby upright on your chest, ensuring their head is supported to one side. Draping a blanket over your baby's back will keep them warm and cozy during your bonding session. Remember to relax together, allow your baby to snuggle in, and drift off to sleep while you enjoy the moment. During kangaroo care, avoid distractions like electronic devices and ensure your skin is clean. It's important to refrain from smoking. The most important part; avoid kangaroo care if you're feeling unwell to protect your baby's fragile immune system.

Kangaroo Care With Baby Carriers

But where do baby carriers fit into this picture? A good baby carrier, that fits like a dream, plays a crucial role in making skin-to-skin contact accessible and convenient for parents. Enter Ergobaby Omni Dream Baby Carrier, a game-changer in making Kangaroo Care easily accessible beyond just the four walls of your house and while going about your daily activities – whether it's cooking dinner, running errands, or simply enjoying a stroll in the park.

Incorporating the Omni Dream carrier into your routine allows you to maintain close physical contact with your baby. It is equipped with 4 Carry modes - Inward facing, outward facing, hip carry + back carry options. These carry modes ensure that Kangaroo Care extends beyond the newborn stage for your baby. Even though it is not entirely skin-to-skin when fully dressed –
the closeness of body contact, the ability to hear and feel the heartbeat, and the scent of the parent are soothing and reassuring for the baby or toddler. In other words, a well-fitting ergonomic carrier offers you and little one hand-free hugs. And who doesn’t like a hug?

To add to those brilliant and convenient features, the Omni Dream is ergonomic in all positions. It is made with soft-touch cotton and is adjustable from newborn to toddler. So, the Ergobaby Omni Dream Carrier is fully equipped to support skin-to-skin contact from the get-go!  

Sounds like a win-win situation for both parent and child – you get to bond with your baby while multitasking, and being comfortable while doing both!

So SuperParent, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, consider embracing the beauty of Kangaroo Care. It's a simple yet profound way to nurture your baby's development and deepen your bond with them. With the help of the right baby carrier, you can experience the magic of Kangaroo Care wherever life takes you and your baby!

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